Every single human being has asked the question at least once in their lives, what is my purpose? In my experience the answer that people or religions have given me is less than comforting to say the least. When I started my path of inner work the answer became obvious to me, and what had seemed like religious riddles also started to become more clear. For example in Buddhism, the Buddha says the mind is everything, what we think we become. Pointing to the mind as the creator of reality for the material plane. So in more relative terms, our thoughts are projections and those projections are what we see, think, and feel. This means we ultimately have control of how we want to see the world around us. This concept is also strongly used in Zen. 


Jesus said in the Bible, If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you are not aware of doing the inner work then this message might not find you. However for those who are true seekers this messages means everything. By working on ourselves, to be better, to love more and to treat others as we wish to be treated is the common ground that all religions stand on. Imagine if you will, that heaven and hell is not an actual place, but rather a state of mind. When we are in love and in bliss, we are in heaven. When we hate ourselves and others we are in a hell of our own creation. Now refer back to the section above to what the Buddha said. Striking similarities between these two teachers, and in fact they are saying the same thing. Our projections of thoughts and feelings directly impacts the world around us. To have true peace we must give love to the world, we must love others as much as we should love ourselves. 


The famous philosopher Alan Watts was ahead of his time, trying to relay the connections between the religions. Showing how similar they are and what the hidden messages mean. Today we can learn so much from the words of Alan Watts, now more than ever we need to understand these teachings. In a lecture he gave in regards to Jesus Christ, he didn’t single Jesus out as the only true teacher of humanity. He referred to Buddha, Krishna and Jesus in a group of individuals with “cosmic consciousness”. This consciousness is in all humans, and these masters had attained it through spiritual enlightenment. The teachings these masters gave to the world were in fact to help the rest of the world find their way to this very same enlightenment. During his lecture he explains that these teachers had to give their teachings in such a way that the human mind had to decode it. Not giving the people of that time a direct explanation of the universe, because it would not be received. Because at face value what is being said is that I am the son of God, but so are you. Not that I am the only son of God but the entirety of the human race. Even with the careful words of Jesus he was still persecuted and killed for his teachings. 


The teachings of Jesus and Buddha have survived for thousands of years, sometimes not completely understood. Certainly not at the time that they were bestowed to the people of that time. The truth is that is wasn’t meant for them, these teachings were seeds being planted in the minds of man. To be talked about and analyzed for years and years to come. For a time when man could be more enlightened and open minded. For when we are ready to fully wake up to our true purpose. The seeds are within us, the work has already been done. Jesus’s last words on the cross were, “it is finished” the seeds had been planted. In closure, all that is left is for us to see the beauty in everything. To realize that the world is already perfect. Next time you ever have a question of what this life is all about, remember that the purpose of life is in fact to live, to laugh and to love. The gift of this realization is in the words of these teachers and most importantly, within ourselves.  

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