How Does Spirit Work?

Written by Jamie Fall

Have you ever noticed that sometimes things happen as if they were fated to happen? For example, when you're thinking about a friend, do they suddenly call you on the phone? Or you have a problem and somebody seemingly randomly gives you the perfect advice? Or you have a random dream, and the next day it seems to come true? Most people wave these events away as just coincidence. But what happens when the number of coincidences is statistically impossible? If we could study coincidences, maybe we could prove some are not flukes because, at a certain point, it becomes more likely that these coincidences are actually a spiritual force of some sort at work behind the scenes. For me, this is the more likely conclusion I have come to. However, I think everyone should come to their own conclusion through deep thought and personal exploration (at least until we can prove it one way or another).

Do We Have Free Will?

 This force could be an intelligent spirit acting of its own accord to help us, or it could be more of a natural phenomenon where the Universe is aligning things to match the thoughts we have projected from our minds. Like when a leaf makes a ripple in a pond that flows outwards, moving other leaves already on the surface of the water. 

Perhaps it could even go further than a few coincidences; what if everything that happens, from the smallest movements of your muscles to every atom in the wind, is actually perfectly planned by the spirit, and coincidences are simply the few times we notice these arrangements? Like a surfer being aware of the waves on top of the ocean, but not seeing all the invisible currents below the surface. Though for the spirit to create these intricate interweaving coincidences, it would need to be in control of everything. And would this not impede on our free will? Perhaps not if the coincidences were not seen as an outside force but rather a response to our thoughts. In this way, it actually enhances your free will because it gives you more power over your intentions. Or another way of solving this is that perhaps we are the spirit too, and our minds are simply one node of a greater world mind. Similar to how your hand does not have free will because it is controlled by the rest of your body, but this can be solved by realizing the hand is simply part of the body too. This analogy being that the hand is us, and the body is the spirit.

Science Vs. Spirit

It is easy to get lost in these ideas. And something interesting I have noticed when discussing these ideas with others is the conclusion people come to often reflects their view of reality. You would expect a multitude of ideas on this subject, and there certainly is variety, but it does seem like they come down to two main categories. The first one being the more scientifically accepted worldview that things happen by chance and coincidences are merely us noticing a pattern because we are wired for it. The other worldview is that of believing these coincidences are truly the Universe aligning things to match our intentions. This second view can be further broken down again to either a more "scientific" explanation where the Universe is matching our vibrational frequencies or that of a more spiritual view where an intelligence is creating the reality to help make our reality align. 

Fractal Thinking

Furthermore, I think these could be broken down again into more theories. One that occupies my mind a lot is how does this intelligent spirit choose what thoughts/vibrations of ours to act on? And maybe that's the point. You can always go deeper if you want to when explaining things. Or you can choose to stop and accept the picture you come to eventually. And what's interesting is that maybe, like a fractal, all perspectives still work with each other. Some are simply explored more deeply (though this is sort of an illusion too because since fractals are infinite, how would you measure depth?).

Interestingly, perhaps these layers of fractal realities give us a further layer of free will by literally letting us decide the degree of free will we have simply by how we choose to view reality. For those who want to view the world as random reactions, free will makes that possible (this is almost like free will choosing not to have free will!). And at the same time, those who wish to view reality as an intelligent choice are also correct. Is it possible for the same question to have two different answers that are both correct? If so, perhaps the "truth" is merely a description of your perspective rather than a universal constant. Like a fractal from different depth levels that look totally different, do both of these equal the same fractal? I'm honestly not good enough at mathematics to know, but it seems like they are. 

When thinking about these concepts, I so often reach this point of infinite loops. It could be this, or it could that. It's like falling down my own rabbit hole fractal. But we must choose to explain this thought if we are going to escape the paradox. I think most people end up making a solid choice on viewing the world scientifically or spiritually and then base the rest of their reality on this fundamental idea. But if they are both explaining the same reality, then there must be a way to combine both of these ideas, which I think Spirit-Science (the website that you're reading this blog on) seems like a significant step in that direction. I am not so good at creating hard scientific proofs that explain the spiritual and the physical, but I have seen others take on this challenge. I highly suggest looking into the writings of scientists such as Dan Winter to learn more. They seem to be making great progress in this area. Hopefully, humanity will eventually come to a unified view of the spiritual and physical

About the author: 

I'm Jamie Fall. I'm from the US. I studied fine arts in college and went back later for my teaching degree. I teach Art in China to elementary and high school students. My goal is to help my students learn to express their natural creativity and learn that they can use this creative ability to change the world positively.

I'm also an artist myself, working in various mediums, including oil paints, watercolor, digital, and others. I also enjoy game design and stories. I believe you can create art through any medium that expresses yourself creatively. For me, often, the ideas behind the art are the most important part. I've always been interested in spirituality and philosophy, as well as science and fictional stories. Oftentimes my art reflects these ideas in abstract ways. More recently, I've tried to do more formal writing on some of these ideas. I don't claim to be an expert on most of the spiritual or scientific topics I write about. Rather, I consider them more of a creative exercise in thinking. Like a journey through ideas and wondering that hopefully leads us closer to the truth. I hope you can find some inspiration in my thoughts that helps you on your own spiritual journey. 

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