How To Have Foreplay

You are unboxing "foreplay" from the narrow-sighted, outcome-oriented perspective into one of consistently showing up - for yourself and your partner.

The masculine is many times represented by the straight line, getting from point A to Point B. Both men and women have this within them. It is the part of us that wants to accomplish and wants to achieve. Foreplay is not about doing something because you THINK your partner wants it so that you get something that you THINK that you wish to; it is more about romancing yourself.

It's like having someone ask you to have fun who is not having fun themselves.  It just does not work.

Expressing the excitement for being in the moment with someone intimately, not just the leading-up-to energy.

It's about the journey, not the destination. This is the primary point. The entire concept can be answered here. If you are having a self-identified healthy amount of restorative sex, then the idea is how much deeper can that experience be for you - at the moment but also extending out that energy throughout the day.

Romancing the feminine does not take more of your energy. It is something that feeds you. You are BUILDING power within you and within the relationship.

For men who want more sex our of their relationship, a place to inquire within is how much are they gaining from the experience of foreplay.  This stimulation of the lower chakras builds the energy needed to attract in the full embrace of the feminine.

Contribute intentionally to the reservoir of your relationship's energy - the Horus - created through the authentic and intimate expression between two people.

That feeling of the energy building, you can conceptualize, is your part of the tapping into the co-created energy of the relationship. 

Make it a game. Conceptualize the Horus and keep it top of mind for you and your partner. ALWAYS be contributing to energy.  Just like gardening, your job is to build the soil, not deplete it.  And if you do this consistently, it becomes an ecosystem that is impermeable to almost anything. 

This is the energy that supports you through low times and increases your acceleration in high times. It is YOU, just an extended, co-created version of you.

How to have foreplay? Be happy. Be supportive. Love yourself just as much as you love your partner. Set the intention for intimacy and let intimacy express itself throughout the interaction. Build anticipation but remove the expectations for HOW IT LOOKS.

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