How To Overcome Your Inner Critic

What do you tell yourself when you fail at a task? Your private dialogue can make or break or break your being. This inner fighter may get even worse when nothing in your life is going right. 

Your self-critic is like having your check and balance scheme within yourself. Most of the time, it means well whenever it reminds you of what you should be doing or how to improve.

However, the critical inner voice can also be an obstacle in reaching your goals. When you always tell yourself that you will mess things up or that you are not good enough, eventually, you're going to think that's true. 

You need to conquer your critical inner voice to be able to see things through. After all, your thoughts affect how you feel and how you behave towards other people. The way you think has its way of acting like a prophecy telling you what could happen if you would.

What Does It Mean To Have An Inner Critic?

When you tell yourself you can't do something, how do you feel after? Do you feel discouraged thinking there is nothing that you can do about it? If you feel you are alone in dealing with a negative inner voice, you are wrong.

There are so many others like you who feel like they cannot do anything right. Whenever they try to do something or achieve something, they become disappointed and feel like they have failed themselves. 

Having a harsh inner critic may be good at times, because it can push you to do better, to become better or stronger. But there are times when having a constant inner critic just pulls you down. Catastrophic predictions, harsh words, and self-doubt often leave you feeling like you have become a victim of your own verbal abuse. 

But do not fret because you don't have to suffer through it all your life. The change will come in your life the moment you decide that you are done dealing with your inner critic. You can submit yourself to therapy and allow the expert to help you get through it. 

But if you can try to do it on your own, you should follow the below tips to get started.

How To Deal With Your Inner Critic

Dealing with your demons can be quite tough. It promises to make life challenging. But with these steps, you can help yourself deal with your inner critic and grow where you are rooted. 

Tip 1: Pay careful attention to how you think

You are so used to telling yourself why things happened and why they are such that you tend to overlook the clear message that your inner critic wants to say to you. With meditation practice, you can help yourself find the focus to listen to your thoughts and feelings.

You are not perfect, but you don't have to be. Your thoughts can either build you or tear you down, so you must choose. When you're recognizing your thought pattern, it is the key to effectively improve how you think about yourself

Tip 2: Consider a change in perspective

While your problem-solving approach to things is helpful, it can eventually be destructive. You will have the tendency to repeat the mistake again and again in your head. So instead of learning from it and moving on, you get stuck thinking you have always been wrong. 

This line of thinking can drag you down. So if you want to improve your way of life, consider a change in perspective. The secret to making this happen is to get yourself active again. Not only will it change your perspective for the better, but it will distract you from the negative thoughts in your head. 

Go for a walk or perhaps a quick run. Doing these activities with a friend can improve your life a lot. Refuse to listen to your head when it tells you that you can't or shouldn't do it. Go out and get a fresh new perspective in nature. 

Tip 3: Check yourself; maybe you are just exaggerating

What you think isn't always true. Sometimes, your negative approach to things makes it seemingly impossible to accomplish something. But if you put your heart and soul into doing it, you know that you can do more than you expect from yourself.

If you come into the office thinking you will mess up your big presentation, take a moment and write down everything that makes you think you can't do it. List the evidence in your life that says you are going to fail. 

Then, make a list of the reasons why you are not going to fail. Looking at the list of evidence will help you look at things with a more rationalized approach. You become less emotionally attached to it; that's why you are likely to trust yourself and the process.

In the end, not only have you convinced yourself that you can do it, but you have also given yourself the boost of confidence that you need to get going. 

Tip 4: Be realistic in your approach

Whenever you write down expectations you have of yourself and others, make sure to always be realistic in your approach. Instead of convincing yourself that you are never going to get a promotion, you can tell yourself that if you tried hard enough to improve your work, you would be able to make things happen.

Keep in mind that the same approach is true when you tell yourself positive things. Overconfidence is just as damaging as having a lack of self-confidence. Keep the right balance by keeping it real. 

When you are mentally stronger, it is easier for you to overcome the struggles and become a whole lot better. 

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