In the Midst of Difficult Situations, Stay Mindful

articles self-care May 29, 2020

All of us have bad days, and we all have different ways of dealing with them. Whenever you’re in a difficult situation, what do you do? You may often feel stuck and paralyzed, unable to see the way out. 

One of the ways that you can combat stress during challenging times is by being mindful. But what does it mean to be more conscious and mindful? Here are some examples of how to practice mindfulness to get through difficult situations. 

Manage Your Overwhelming Emotions

If you’re wondering why mindfulness is important, you aren’t alone. Among the most common emotions that are associated with having bad days include anxiety, stress, depression, grief, and anger. All these feelings can be overwhelming. However, when you are mindful of these emotions, you can keep yourself in check and control such negative attitudes from taking over your life. 

At times when you do experience these overwhelming feelings, allow yourself to take some time so you can feel the emotions. You can even get your journal so you can write about whatever you’re feeling at the moment. Write your thoughts down and express yourself freely. 

The next step is to practice breathing exercises. This practice is not a complex one because any person can do it. To do this, go somewhere quiet where no one can disturb you for a few minutes. You only need about five minutes for this. But if you want the session to be longer, then you may also extend the time you’ll spend to practice breathing exercises. 

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Try to visualize all of the negative and overwhelming feelings that you have. As you breathe in, feel all of those negativities. And when you breathe out, imagine all of those feelings flowing out of your mind and body. Repeat this exercise for the next five minutes or so. Allow yourself to let go of the emotions that are overwhelming you. 

Stay Away from Sources of Negativity

Yes, you’re already having a bad time, but somehow, things keep on getting worse. This is where you can use mindfulness so you can stay away from the other sources of negativity. You must be conscious of what’s making you feel so low and troubled so you can make an effort to move away from these things.

An excellent example of this is choosing not to watch the nightly news. Most of the press is full of negativity and other stressful matters. It would do you good if you can avoid the news if you’re watching it just for the sake of watching something. Stay informed as a good citizen, but you don’t need to watch every story.

Another thing that you can avoid is social media. Social media has the power to make you feel insecure and dissatisfied with your life. With all those people showing off the best side of their lives, it’s easy to feel that you’re so much less compared to them. Don’t fall into this trap. You already know that what you see on social media isn’t the whole story of someone’s life.

Instead of watching the news or browsing through social media, try to read or watch something that will inspire you. If you ever find yourself in a tough situation and you need motivation, there are so many motivational videos available online. Those may help you to get that boost of positivity that you need so you can get through your bad days. 

Give Yourself Time

One of the reasons you’re so stressed is because of the many responsibilities in your life that demand your attention. It’s crucial that you’re mindful of these distractions, too. Every day, give yourself time to be by yourself. Allow yourself some peace and quiet so you can give your heart and mind the time to relax. 

You may turn off your phone while you’re doing this or hide it in another room. You only need a few minutes for this. It’s a way for you to be in the present moment, gather your thoughts, and choose not to think of what’s overwhelming you. 

You don’t even have to stay in the house to practice this. For example, you may go out for a run, get a cup of your favorite coffee at your corner shop, or enjoy a good bath. What’s genuinely essential here is that you get to have that me-time. You’re only thinking of yourself, not other people, or other responsibilities. This way, you can allow yourself to just be. 

Soothe Yourself

You’ve been working so hard day in and day out that you forget to practice self-love. We are all guilty of abusing ourselves through over-work. We also may be guilty of not taking care of our bodies through indulging in fast foods or skipping our workouts. Maybe we’re not even sleeping enough, either. In a way, you’re treating yourself like a slave when you should be giving yourself the best treatment

When times are tough, practice more self-compassion. Whenever you do something great, and you think you deserve a reward, even if it’s just sleeping more than eight hours on the weekend, do so! In whatever way you can, do express love for yourself. No one’s going to love you more than you. Give yourself your all because you deserve it. 

When failures come, or you go through tough times, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s very rare that the bad times are completely and totally your fault. So, learn to forgive yourself. Stand firm and move forward. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in the same place. Feel the negative emotions, but don’t wallow. 

Be mindful of how you treat yourself, especially when your days are difficult. This is the time when you should show more kindness and compassion to yourself. Practice these mindfulness exercises whenever you feel that the world has turned its back on you. 

Remember that you have the power over your feelings. Wallowing in negative emotions won’t do you any good. Be positive as you trudge on toward your goals. You can get through tough times. Soon, your positivity and mindfulness will lead you out of the bad days and into better ones. 

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