Make The Most Of A Tarot Session: Learn What Questions To Ask

articles lifestyle Sep 05, 2020

If you had the chance to ask the cards anything, what's the first question you would ask? Asking the tarot cards about what the Universe has planned out for you can be very exciting, but it can also be very tricky.

Are there wrong questions? What if the cards do not reveal any helpful information? In truth, what is truly confusing is figuring out what kind of tarot questions to ask. How do you know you are asking the right ones?

As a tool that can give an abundance of life-changing answers, the tarot card reading's effectiveness lies in constructing the questions that you throw at it. 

Why Does The Construction Of Your Question Matter?

Imagine that you are fighting for the financial standing of the company you built from scratch. You are worried that the financial mess might be unfixable and that your only way out is to give up on your dream altogether. 

And then you decide to ask the cards, "Where will I end up financially in the coming months?" 

The cards may be able to give you a lead that will help keep your optimism for the months to come, but they cannot give you a concrete answer. The cards won't be able to help you by telling you that you are going to lose everything. 

However, it cannot tell you how you can save yourself from the impending downfall. In truth, you might end up feeling overly confident that you can make things happen only to fail in the end. 

Perhaps, you can turn your questions around, rephrase it so that you can get a better perspective of things. 

Try instead, "How can I turn my financial situation around?"

The answer you will get from the cards will not be just a beacon of hope. It will be a series of actions that you can choose to take even they are not very comfortable. 

Tarot card questions can be very tricky. It is either you get a positive boost for an answer or a series of actions that you should take. While there is no reassurance that if you choose the latter, you will be able to save whatever it is that you are putting at risk, it gives hope that you are still in control. 

What Are The Right Questions To Ask The Tarot Cards?

Asking the right tarot reading questions should play a significant role in the success of the reading experience. But first, you must keep in mind these tips:

Tip 1: Put aside the things that you are not interested in knowing

When you are too focused on getting more information from the cards, you forget to determine which things you do not really need to know. For example, if you ask about the nature of your friendship with a person, but you don't want to talk about the past, you should make that known from the very beginning. 

Asking the right questions means asking for information that you are interested in knowing right now. In this case, you are interested in learning more about today and the future of your friendship with this person, focus on asking questions about that. 

If you are having trouble identifying what you want and need to know during a tarot card reading, start by identifying what you don't want to know. From there, you can figure out what else you can discover.

Tip 2: Establish your intentions before the tarot card reading.

What is your intent in reading the tarot cards? It is vital that you establish what your intentions are before you proceed. Are you seeking advice? Or are you just seeking reassurance that the decision you made was right? 

Tarot card readings are often driven by intent. When you know your intentions, it is easier to hone the kind of questions you ask the cards. After all, you want to get answers that you consider helpful in your situation. 

Tip 3: Allow the tarot cards to speak for themselves.

The reason why asking the right questions is so difficult is that people put too much of themselves into the inquiry. Recognizing that asking the tarot cards' questions is like shooting for the stars plays an important role in making everything a success

Asking a question that is just too focused and targetted on your personality makes it all wrong. How would the Universe know everything about you or how you feel or what you think? This line of questions may only yield answers that do not make sense at all. 

For example, when you choose to ask when the job interview will be, you are already assuming that there is a job interview. Instead, the question could be phrased as something like this: "How is the future job opportunity looking at the moment?" 

This would create more room for the cards to give potential answers. Perhaps, it could provide an answer that positively reinforces your desire to get the job. It is only recognizing that there are jobs waiting for you at the moment. 

How Will Your Question Yield More Answers?

If you are not too confident that your questions will yield the answers that you are looking for, then here are some of the things you might want to consider:

  • What could be blocking my vision?
  • What are the reasons for the lack of opportunity coming my way?
  • What is something I am doing that I should just stop doing?
  • What is something I am doing that I should consider continuing?
  • What course of action should I be taking?
  • What am I in control of?

At The End Of The Day

Forming your own questions for a tarot card reading is always something to look forward to. Not only is it exciting, but it allows you to tap on your communication skills. While you can always start reading somewhere, you have to be able to direct the conversation to where you want it to be. 

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