Mystic Surrender in the Age of COVID


Hey there!

Even though things are starting to open up again, the vaccine roll out is ramping up -whether you think that's a good thing or a bad, and travel is feeling back into its wings again, I think we'd all be kidding ourselves if we said we feel totally through the woods... right?

We got all this good stuff happening, which is great... but it's undeniable that there's still a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world. Even though the physical embodiment of this virus is slowing down, the energetic component -the fear, is still spreading like wildfire... although ironically it appears to have jumped hosts from an inherent fear of the virus itself, to a fear of getting vaccinated against it. 

So... if you think about it, as long as you are trapped in that paradigm of fearing something, this virus is still effecting you on an energetic and emotional level whether you have it or not.

It's times like these when it becomes so much harder to really trust that spiritual principle that there is some caring, benevolent force in the universe that is looking out for us. You might call it a Divine Order or Plan, or Spirit, or God, or anything else... but at moments like these -especially when we're all going through the circus show of release right now, you can't help but wonder... where the heck is it?

Back when this pandemic first started, our writer was going through a lot. One family member had died because of COVID, his mom also came down with it, and a family friend had taken his own life because of the isolation. But due to the lockdown, he couldn't leave the house, and was stuck stewing with all of his life falling apart around him. 

So as he started writing a daily journal of his experiences, over time we realised... it would make a pretty raw and honest Spirit Science episode that might contain something someone needed to hear... so we made it! 

I'll admit, this isn't exactly a normal episode... some of the themes are more mature, and we ask some pretty ruthless questions... but writing it all out and producing it was pretty cathartic, so if anyone is struggling right now, we hope you find some kind of value in knowing you aren't alone in all this, and we'll get through it all together. 

Since we're all kind of nerds over here, we also incorporated some pretty sweet Star Wars themes about the Force and how we could begin to conceptualise it in the real world... but most of all, if something equivalent to it -like a Divine Mind as in the Hermetica, existed, how would we go about surrendering enough to trust it when our faith in the Divine is tested?

Remember, we love all of you, and we hope you're doing ok whatever you're going through!

Love & Light
Patchman & Team Spirit


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