What does raising your vibrational frequency mean?

Throughout the spiritual community there are more than a few terms that are widely used, whilst also being wildly misunderstood. One of these terms is vibrational frequency. Spiritual teachers, law of attraction coaches, and YouTube stars are constantly telling spiritual seekers that they need to raise their vibration, or they need to be more "high vibe". You might even hear someone refer to someone's attitude, perspective, or worldview as "low vibe", often meaning that person is living in a negative state. But what does this all really mean? How can we come to terms with something that seems at first glance to be so "woowoo"?

What is vibrational frequency?

We all have most likely encountered people with a positive disposition that seems to light up a room while also coming across someone who manages to bring us down no matter the situation. The idea is contained in the belief that what we think, speak, or emit by way of behavior directly effect the way we show up in the world.

If you discard the colorful terminology pedaled by new age gurus, the concept is really quite simple. Common sense tells us that our reality is constructed by the way we react to and behave in accordance with the happenings that occur. But the real question we have to address, in order to understand how to shift or calibrate our frequency is this; do our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and perspectives attract the happenings that show up in our lives?

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What we emit, we attract!

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

Guatama Buddha

The Buddha knew the true power of our mind, as did many other ancient sages from Yeshua of Nazareth to the Thrice Great Hermes Trismegistus. In order to understand how we attract our experiences we must first understand that mind is at the core of the entire universe. We are multi-dimensional beings that enjoy disguising ourselves in the realm of the material.

To harness the power of the mind and our status as multi-dimensional beings we must first understand that the mind is both the receiver and the transmitter. We are not static beings waiting for things to happen to us, we are actively creating our reality with every thought, every emotion, and every action. We are the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm. Ok that was pretty "woowoo", so how do we approach this through a more practical lens?

How Do I Calibrate My Frequency?

Your actions and your thoughts deeply affect your frame of mind or your mindset, otherwise known as your vibrational frequency. If you're feeling negative, angry, depressed, or lonely, your vibration lowers. So, your negative thoughts then attract more negativity. If you act out of anger or fear, your vibration lowers greatly, leaving you wallowing in a low frequency. 

Negative emotions are not bad. We all have our days of low frequency. But when you allow these emotions to take over your life and affect your day-to-day, you need to work on inviting positivity into your life, and raising your vibration. In other words you need to shift your mindset.

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We have all had the day that starts on the wrong foot. You wake up late because you slept through your alarm. As you rush to get out of bed you stub your toe. You manage to hit all the lights on the way to work, and despite the fact that you got to work relatively only a few minutes late, you proceed to tell yourself the story that today is going to be, "one of those days."

What is actually occurring?

When you decided to perceive the day as a problematic, obstacle filled marathon, you chose the frame reference within which you will go about your day. This is more about perception than it is magnetic attraction. This is why I usually refer to the Law of Attraction as the Law of Awareness. Our minds are not only capable of generating our experience, that is the primary function. Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience, University of Sussex Anil Seth speaks about the way the brain harnesses the inputs of our surroundings and generates what seems to be a controlled hallucination.

This is what the ancient sages were speaking about when they told us about the Law of Attraction, the only difference is the way that they perceived the world was radically different than our own. In the modern age, we think of things not so much in a poetic, or metaphorical way, but instead through a rigid, literal way. This is because we have been trained to do so. However, if we reclaim our personal power and realize the truth that we are co-creators of our own reality we can begin to see that the experiences we attract are all directly related to our state of awareness.

The mind both conscious and subconscious takes commands

If you state either in thought or aloud that you are going to have a bad day, well that is exactly the experience your mind will conjure for you. Since we know that this is a controlled hallucination, if must then follow that whatever we program into the computer will then direct the experience we have. Therefore we must take great care to program our experience consciously, because the mind, particularly the subconscious mind does not filter this for us. It simply observes the command and produces the necessary mindset to achieve the desired state. So how do we take control?!

How to raise your frequency

To raise your frequency, you need to consciously pay attention to your mood, environment, and actions. Anger does not mean you are incapable of acting out of love. Nor does sadness or depression mean you are incapable of access joy again. Our frequency can be shifted at any given moment, simply by returning to the present moment and choosing to shift our awareness. This is done easily by accessing the breath. Take a deep breath and reassess the situation. Does today have to be a horrible experience? Perhaps the obstacles carry with them a lesson. Or maybe, just maybe we might find the strength to rise above the obstacles and negative experience and make lemonade out of those lemons.

Reach out to someone. Hug a loved one. Eat organic/natural foods. Take a day of rest. Meditate/Pray. Go out in nature and appreciate what you see and don't see. Seek positive thoughts and memories. There are countless ways to raise your vibration on a practical level, but it all starts with shifting your awareness and inputting the primary command for a positive experience.

Setting your home's mood also raises the frequency of everyone in your house. Use bright colors to decorate. Candles, incense, or the wonderful smell of baking goods helps, too! Play music throughout the home that keeps your spirits high. Open doors and windows when the weather is right for it. 

The Number One Block to Raising Your Frequency

If you are experiencing a lower frequency, try not to let emotion snowball your co-creative power. While awareness is the key to shifting the mental state, the emotional body or energetic field is the fuel that propels our experienced hallucination. When we attach a powerful emotion like anger or sadness to a frame of mind, we send that experience into overdrive. The quickest way to stop this emotional snowball effect in its tracks is to return to our breath. Take a deep breath and find your center. This works on multiple levels of our multi-dimensional existence from body to mind to soul to spirit.

Four Guides for Raising Your Frequency

One of the most effective models for raising your vibration comes from the Toltec Master Don Migeul Ruiz and his Four Agreements. These are simple concepts to understand, but fairly challenging to implement. Still they are the most effective way to shift your vibration from negative to positive.

Be Impeccable with Your Words: Watch what you think and say, because believe it or not your thoughts and especially the spoken word have tremendous power.

Don't take anything personally: The events that occur and the behavior of other people are not a conspiracy against you, they are simply a reflection of the inner struggle that is going on inside yourself or that of another person.

Don't make assumptions: When we choose to ask questions and engage in authentic self-examination we find that we aren't led astray by emotional snowballing. Communication is the key here with self and with others.

Always do your best: The key to this agreement is in a lack of judgment, either for self or for others. Our best is often variable and tied to effort not necessarily outcomes. When we approach life from the awareness that everyone is attempting to do their best we remove the possibility of making irrational judgments.

Why Bother Raising Your Frequency?

When you are raising your frequency, you'll start noticing changes immediately. Not only in yourself, but in the people you meet. Opportunities will arise. You'll feel happier and healthier. This is occurring because you are now aware of more possibilities. This does not mean you don't have to do the work, in fact, it will often call more work into your life. But this is a good thing, because it is work that is aligned with your higher purpose and will yield rewards that are beyond your wildest imagination.

Happy people are not just happy because of material things and wonderful people in their life.

They're happy because they appreciate what they have and find happiness in things most people don't see. They keep their thoughts positive, and in return, attract more positivity into their lives.

And you are fully capable of doing this for yourself. What's stopping you?

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