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What does raising your vibrational frequency mean?

Throughout the spiritual community there are more than a few terms that are widely used, whilst also being wildly misunderstood. One of these terms is vibrational frequency. Spiritual teachers, law of attraction coaches, and YouTube stars are constantly telling spiritual seekers that they need to raise their vibration, or they need to be more "high vibe". You might even hear someone refer to someone's attitude, perspective, or worldview as "low vibe", often meaning that person is living in a negative state. But what does this all really mean? How can we come to terms with something that seems at first glance to be so "woowoo"?

What is vibrational frequency?

We all have most likely encountered people with a positive disposition that seems to light up a room while also coming across someone who manages to bring us down no matter the situation. The idea is contained in the belief that what we think, speak, or emit by way of behavior directly effect the way we show up in the world....

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