Recognizing Synchronicity

articles energy updates Oct 08, 2020

We experience synchronicity in a variety of ways. A few of them are:

  • Something that you think about happens
  • Multiple people are talking to you about something specific
  • Recurring imagery or words that you believe means something to you
  • Anything you would label as coincidental
  • Something that you wanted to happen happens, but not in the way that you expected
  • Looking for a solution to a problem and finding it through luck or circumstance

There are numerous other ways, but there are a few that I've found very common.

What Is Synchronicity? 

I will go into a more detailed description of the following material, but for now, understand synchronicity is a way in which higher intelligence communicates to us. It is what we label to be a coincidence, fate, circumstance, chance happenings. It is also what we sometimes experience as flow, harmony, peace, or ease. Some other forms of communication from a higher intelligence would be sparks of inspiration, moments of extreme clarity where the path forward becomes clear, or only your body communicating to you through pain or pleasure.

The practice of recognizing synchronicity attunes your channel to the frequency to receive and perceive more synchronicity. Adjusting these channels brings more synchronicity to our awareness. Synchronistic things are happening all of the time to all of us. We are not aware that they are happening and therefore are unable to take action upon them.

More synchronicity = more flow = greater ease through which you move through life = less resistance and less stress = better choices.

Synchronicity can provide you the most natural pathway toward what you desire as communicated by your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

How Do We Experience More Synchronicity?

Here are a few simple ways to experience more synchronicity:

Way 1: Be more aware of yourself and your experience

Take the auto-pilot program off and start to wake up to the flowers' blossoming and the ripening of the fruit of your experience. Slowing down and relaxing and taking care of your bodies is a must to become more aware.

Way 2: Be aware of your thoughts and beliefs when you think of an idea you plant a seed

That seed grows up to be something in your experience, which you perceive. Your views define your thoughts. Therefore, to recognize more synchronicity for that which you truly desire, be conscious of your beliefs, and change them if they are not in alignment with what you want.

Way 3: Be in your heart, not just your head 

It is easy to be in a state of awe when you first begin to recognize synchronicity. The administrator cannot understand the mathematical improbabilities of such occurrences, yet it will attempt to calculate them. Your heart - your feeling and knowing - recognizes synchronicities with far greater ease than your head. It is built that way.

Way 4: Stop doubting and judging yourself

Judging yourself is pretty much the fastest way to recognize less synchronicity. When you question what you know to be right for you, you send a signal that you do not trust yourself. If you do not trust yourself, you will not be able to work with synchronicity in the most optimal way. Your feeling of lack of trust will be shown to you in the form of synchronicity, where you will find yourself interacting with people and in untrustworthy situations, based on your definitions.

Way 5: Use discernment

Just because something is synchronistic does not mean that a particular action should be taken. You have to be able to FEEL into decisions that you make, in addition to thinking about them. Synchronicity is there to teach and to reveal, not to dictate. Your experience of choice is excellent learning.

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