Removing Negative Energy From Jewelry 

articles energy lifestyle Jan 16, 2021

Do you take your crystals with you everywhere you go? You bring them with you since you learned how to protect yourself from negative energy. Indeed, crystals have become a beautiful addition to the many ways you can protect yourself. 

And yet, did you know that cleansing your jewelry, whether or not it has healing crystals, is a must? If this is the first time you've heard of it, then the jewelry you have may need energy cleansing. Since they absorb all the negativity that comes your way, you can only imagine how much negativity they may have. 

Don't wait before it's too late, have your jewelry cleared today. 

Why Does Jewelry Need Cleansing?

All the things found on Earth are made up of energy. Natural objects, people, and even human-made items are made up of billions of molecules that interact with each other, working with the energy they have to keep their forms and to perform their functions.

The interaction among these things is where energy transfer happens. No matter how seemingly short or straightforward the interaction may be, there is always an energy exchange. 

The environment around you also interacts with the rest of the objects, including yourself. Everything around comes with a kind of vibration. Sometimes, these vibrations are good, but there are times when they can be negative vibrations too. 

Crystals and jewelry, like other objects, can absorb the energy around them through vibrations. When they are exposed to situations when negativity surrounds them, they are filled with all the negative energies inside. 

No matter how strong their sense of positivity, your jewelry will just absorb it if they are dealing with the negative energies for too long. That is the very reason why your jewelry needs to be cleansed, whether or not it has crystals in it. The metal can absorb energies as well.

The jewelry and crystals that you use to protect you from negativity also need protection. Unless they are regularly cleaned, they will transfer the negative energy they've absorbed to you. 

How Do You Cleanse Your Crystals and Jewelry?

Over time, the negative energies absorbed by your jewelry will fill it up. Your pieces may even feel heavier when you wear them. This heaviness will be a sign that it's time for a cleansing.

For example, you have been wearing your rose quartz necklace every day for several months, and you begin to feel it become more massive. To restore the energy and vibrations of love that it brings, you may consider a saltwater bath to remove negative energy. 

Whenever your crystal jewelry feels heavier and less powerful, it is time to cleanse. There are many ways you can do it. Here are some easy ways you can try:

Moon soak

Put your jewelry on the window sill or any part of the house where it can soak in the Moon's light. Leave the pieces there for a night or two. However, put them away during the day. The heat and direct sunlight could cause the crystals to fade. The Moon soak will not only serve to cleanse the jewelry, but it will also fill your crystals with just the right amount of energy. 

Rice soak

Put some rice in a shallow bowl. This is where you will nestle your jewelry into. The rice is there to absorb the negative energy in the crystals and metals. Make sure to soak your jewelry for 24 hours and throw away the rice when it's done.

Sound soak

Do you have a crystal singing bowl in your house? You can put your jewelry onto a tray and place it near the crystal singing bowl. Play the bowl for several minutes. The beautiful sound that the crystal bowl produces eradicates the negative energies in the crystal.

This type of jewelry cleansing comes with more benefits. When you do this, the entire room where the singing bowl was used will be cleansed too. Anything within the vicinity will be able to rid itself of the negative energies within. 

Soil soak

Enclose your jewelry pieces in a cloth material made of cotton, silk, or wool. Then, bury it in soil that's free from fertilizers and other chemicals. Make sure to check the weather conditions in your area before you do the soil soak. This is to make sure that it doesn't rain, so the soil stays dry. Also, make sure to mark the location where you buried your jewelry to avoid losing it altogether. The soil soak should last for a good day or two.

How Do You Energize Your Jewelry?

The cleansing is only the first part of what needs to be done with your crystals and jewelry pieces. After clearing it from all the negativity, now is the time to fill it with good energy. 

Energizing the object with positivity entails raising your own vibrations. Your home's energies can increase the positivity that your crystals and jewelry absorb. 

Like cleansing, there are many other ways to energize the gemstones. However, experts believe that the safest way to do it is through the Moon cleanse. Not only does it reenergize the crystals and metals, but it also helps keep its natural aesthetic beauty. 

What's Your Takeaway?

Protective jewelry needs your help too. As much as you want to bask in all the natural energy and powers that it comes with, you need to provide your crystals with prompt and periodic cleansing.

Take care of your jewelry pieces, and they will take care of you in many ways too. With every good intention to cleanse your jewelry, you will be able to help yourself find true peace from within. 

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