Social Distancing Based On Your Rising Sign

articles lifestyle Sep 16, 2020

Amid these strange times, people have to learn how to distance themselves from others quickly. The global pandemic has put many people in the midst of being alone despite being surrounded by a lot of different people. 

While this circumstance may have been brought about by the world health crisis, the self-isolation that we have to maintain has required everyone to be on their own. But how about those who fear being left alone? What happens to them? 

What Does It Mean To Be In Isolation?

At the moment, people are trying very hard to survive amid the feeling of being socially disconnected. It is not about having people around for support and love. Rather, it is about knowing that they are there and knowing that you cannot be with them. 

This fact brings about a kind of struggle that makes it seemingly impossible to overcome. Astrology has become an excellent tool that provides everyone with an idea of how they can cope with these changes in community interaction and relations. It teaches people to decipher the situation and find it the ability to cope with the challenges as individuals and as part of the community. 

Optimism, compassion, understanding, and faith play a huge role in the survival of the many. While it may seem easier to just give in to fear, it isn't the best option. People must collectively choose the guidance of astrology and keep hope that all will be well in time. 

What Is Your Rising Sun?

Take notice of the signs of social isolation, and from there, you will see how each person copes up. Maintaining the right social distance at the moment comes with discomfort. However, your rising Sun says a lot about how you are going to survive. 

The rising Sun refers to the zodiac sign that rises above the eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth. While most people are already familiar with their sun sign as it brings meaning to the core of their personality, the rising Sun may give them a better idea of who they are. 

The rising Sun is also known as the Ascendant. It is an indication of how you are likely to present your spirit to the world, particularly to the people around you. 

All these could happen while you collectively try to maintain the connection and positivity at a difficult time where social distancing is recommended. It is good to look at the rising Sun to explain how social distancing significantly affects the signs in the zodiac. 

What Does Your Rising Sun Show About Your Zodiac?

Exploring the Rising Sun is all about understanding how people react to emotional isolation. It is about learning how they continue to socialize and draw a connection with the people around them. 

Let these be your guide to finding the right ways to let your energies flow despite the pandemic:

Aries Rising

Aries is aggressive and assertive. Their feisty spirit will yearn for action and interaction with people. This could be especially challenging for them to deal with this pandemic as it requires them to slow down and take a break from their whirlwind kind of lifestyle. 

Because they are naturally charming and magnetic, Aries people are loved by everyone, and requiring them to self-isolate could make them lonely.

Taurus Rising

Ruled by the planet Venus, the loyalty that they have in their relationships is a bit reduced at this time, and it is especially challenging for them not to be around the people they love. Their sense of responsibility makes them feel as if they are not doing enough to help the people they love. 

Letting their guard down and their control is going to be easy, but it is crucial in maintaining the sense of connection and keeping their optimism during this particular time. 

Gemini Rising

Gemini is basically under the power of Mercury, and this time of social distancing could make them feel lost and confused. They won't feel a lot of confidence in them because they are not very sure how to process their emotions. 

However, they will find other ways they will be able to still communicate, maybe not with others but with themselves. They will turn to journal writing or send emails to loved ones. It is not only an excellent way of getting their thoughts out, but it also allows them to establish a connection with their community. 

Cancer Rising

They are emotional and intuitive, and they can become completely sentimental. While the Cancer may be happy to be spending a lot of time at home, they will also have that intense yearning to be with the people they love. It can be frustrating, but there are other ways you can still communicate with loved ones.

Lend an ear through phone calls. They will surely appreciate the compassion and thoughtfulness

Leo Rising

Leo is ruled by the Sun, so Leo's personality shines even while he is without others. They feel lost not getting their usual attention, but they remain enthusiastic and optimistic amid the pandemic. 

They build a deeper connection with themselves, and most are seeking spiritual awakening. They seek challenges that help them become more confident for who they are as they work to foster better relations with the people around them.

Virgo Rising

They are very communicative, much like that of a Gemini, but they are able to cope well with the social distancing guidelines. The hardest part for them is not the lack of physical connection, but their inability to work as hard as possible. 

They have to learn to take advantage of the time that they have on their hands and use it to discover more who they are. Take the time to study something new and perhaps find a good book to read. 

Libra Rising

Venus harmonizes with Libra, and they are all about balance. They can feel a little frustrated and anxious at this time and will probably enjoy their time alone. If they can locate their center now, it will be much easier to handle the challenges that may come in the future. 

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are all balancing activities that can help a Libra survive the challenges of the times. 

Scorpio Rising

Ruled by the mysterious Pluto, this sign loves exploring the different things in life. It may be a challenge to handle social distancing and perhaps a bit strange, but the darker side of life is not unknown to any Scorpio. Introspective work will give them a sense of grounding.

Journaling could be an effective way to express their thoughts and ideas too. 

Sagittarius Rising

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and optimism is what defines them. They are also likely to enjoy their socialization, making this very difficult to maintain positivity. It can be tough for them to remain optimistic considering the restrictions in place, and when they can't be with the ones they love. 

However, this is a good time for them to engage in activities that enhance their natural independence. They should try to find activities that will bring them peace and joy. 

Capricorn Rising

Capricorn is all about taking things seriously in the moment. They are hardworking and responsible for their actions and, in time, all of it with pay off. Although they cannot physically be with everyone they want to be, this is a good moment to reach out to those they haven't spoken to in a while. 

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius is ruled by surprising and spontaneous Uranus making it hard for them to go through the mundane and similar day to day activities. When they are used to their days being filled with challenges and surprises, it can be quite hard to be stuck at home and find excitement there. Now is the best time to engage that spontaneous spirit into creating wonderful surprises for others. 

Pisces Rising

They are ruled by Neptune and are given enough downtime to explore the fantasies that they have. While this may be a challenging time for everyone, it proves to be an excellent time for them to explore their imagination. 

They are more likely to explore their creative imagination and self-expression. Create gifts for the people you love and present it to them once everything is back to normal. 

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