Some Basics Of Metaphysics

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In the study of Western philosophy, metaphysics is considered the fundamental nature of the reality of life. Metaphysical studies focus on the questions like "what is it?", "why is it?", and "how do we understand it?".

For some people, the study of metaphysics is all about looking into what is considered as the "higher" reality. It is all about the invisible that is in control of everything. Overall, metaphysics is the study of the visible, the unseen, and the overall governing reality. It includes the study of both the natural and the supernatural. 

More often than not, the concept behind metaphysics is the very core to which most arguments about reality and the existence of the supernatural lies. It is always a question about what is real and what is just a belief system.

What Does Metaphysics Mean?

The term metaphysics finds its origin in a Greek word Ta Meta Ta Physkia. It means "the books after the books on nature." The term itself was born when a literary critic who was trying to catalog all the works of Aristotle, the great thinker, didn't have a name for the material that belonged to the category after "nature" or Physkia. 

To make things easy, he referred to its category as "after nature." Initially, the subjects covered under this category weren't really considered as full-length topics at all. Most of these texts were simple notes about different issues that were not easy to fit in any one group. The subjects were far too removed from the ordinary sense of human perception and empirical observation.

It was through this that metaphysical knowledge was born. It began as a set of topics that were far beyond what human nature could understand. It was like a collection of notes that talked about the problems that people weren't ready or unable to face.

Discovering The Supernatural Aspects Of Metaphysics

In the modern study, metaphysics have fallen under the category where things are labeled beyond what is considered natural. It is all about the transcendence of things from the natural world. The study is all about the things that exist separately from nature, which comes with more intrinsic realities that what normal human life is exposed to. 

It is the very idea that gives meaning to the added prefix "meta" to the whole term. The supernatural aspect of trying to understand what is beyond human nature is what makes this new term genuinely stand out. 

Spiritual metaphysics is the study that looks into the spiritual aspects of human life. As a result, metaphysics has become the study that questions the very existence of reality. There is no scientific observation or experimentation that could bring about answers close to what metaphysics is looking into.

In the context of faith and belief, it regards the human world as something empty from which human life passes through. In a way, it is the study that looks into how human experience plays a role in the actual reality, which is beyond the reality that humans are known for. 

Defining A Metaphysician

A metaphysician is someone who seeks to understand the reality beyond the reality that is known to everyone else. The metaphysician's very goal is to look into the substance of reality and why it exists. He aims to unlock the very reason why this reality known to everyone else exists for a reason. The philosophy that the metaphysician follows is based on an exercise of metaphysics where every person has their notion of what's metaphysical. This streams from the fact that people have their notion of the nature of reality itself. 

Everything about metaphysics is controversial by nature because it puts reality into perspective. It opens the doors to the suspension of the reality known to humans by the mere thought that it might not be of existence at all.

Metaphysicians continue to argue about what they are doing and why they are doing what they are doing. Their only goal is to discover how this reality transcends to the real reality that exists beyond what is known. 

Why Do Atheists Find Comfort In Metaphysics?

The importance of metaphysics touches the most sensitive parts of human life. When faith is the only line that connects the reality from what is not there, people begin to ask what their life truly means. 

Atheists are often found to find comfort in the whole concept of metaphysics. Perhaps it is because of their very standpoint questions the existence of the powerful being that controls human life. 

While atheists dismiss the very concept that there is a supernatural, they also question the thought of what real-life truly is. Some of them may say that metaphysics is the study of nothing. The whole process of it is considered pointless, but it is the entire point of learning beyond what is naturally there. 

Asking questions about what exists and what does not is the very nature of believing in nothing. Technically, metaphysics is the study of all types of realities and whether or not a supernatural being is in control. 

In truth, metaphysics may be the very core of the existence of atheism. Not believing may be very well supported by the fact that metaphysics is all about asking questions and not merely believing. 

A person's ability to understand what "existence" means is fundamental in the study of metaphysics and the practice of atheism. After all, if you begin to question reality and the existence of the supernatural element, you are standing at the border of what is metaphysical and faith. 

The question of faith and existence has indeed made a lot of people stop in their tracks to consider what they know about life. The reality is, as humans continue to discover more about life and their reality, they are opening their doors that lead to more questions. 

There is no doubt that metaphysics is an essential branch of study that deals with reality. And yet, there is one aspect of human life that remains accurate despite its lack of scientific evidence. It is the very fact that holds people on to their faith. 

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