The Science of Psychedelics with Dr Rick Strassman

Hey there! Did you think we we're stopping with just a podcast? Hehe... we got way more videos coming with Dr Strassman that are gonna blow your mind wide open... literally... 

Rick has been at the forefront of Psychedelics research for years and has conducted some of the most legendary DMT trials ever... he's made strides in understanding just how a Psychedelic experience effects the brain, what drives it, which receptors and chemicals it effects and so much more... and we're here today to share all that with you!

What if you could explore all the different models of consciousness... understand how our minds our built in Freudian and Buddhist psychology and how it can give you a framework for your own psychedelic experience? How would your trips change? Or even... how would understanding the depths of your own mind change your perspective on ALL your spiritual experiences?

Let's face it... there IS a lot of confusion in the Psychedelic community, and it isn't helped by the fact that the Mass Media still demonises Plant Medicine because they don't understand it. What me and Rick are gonna do today is take you through each name Psychedelics have been given over the years and explain what they mean... as well as giving you the full download on which receptors, chemicals and parts of the brain become active.

For some of us -lookin' at you Psychonauts! You won't need this confirmation to justify your experiences... but understanding a window into the Science of Psychedelics can confirm everything you've ever felt and assure you that it's not just 'all in your head'...

And stick around to the end to find out the 3 Keys to a successful Plant Medicine experience, you won't wanna miss it!

We're so thankful for Rick for helping us out... he truly is a Spirit Scientist! We have so much more content with him coming soon, so stick around and get ready for the upcoming workshop on Psychedelics...

Love & Light, as always,
Patchman & Team Spirit

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