The Spiritual Resolutions That Can Change Your Life

When was the last time you made a list of resolutions you want to put into practice in your life? You must have made a list at the beginning of the new year, as you always do. The new year's turn brings about the kind of mood where everyone just wants to make a change in their lives. 

And yet, many people feel like they don't have to make a spiritual goals list because they will fail in it every time. It's the failure that makes them not want to look back and bring about change.

For example, you promised yourself to work on your weight loss goals, and you did. In the first month, you went to the gym religiously. But after a few months and a whole lot of stress from work, you begin to binge again. You got tired of going to the gym. And just like that, you gained back all the weight you worked hard for in two months.

People have likened resolutions to their failed attempts in life. But is the same true if you work on spiritual resolutions? Whether or not your makeup your New Year's resolution list, coming up with your spiritual new year wishes is a gift you give yourself. The best part of it is that you can do it at any given time and season.

What Changes Can You Bring Into Your Spiritual Life?

In order to bring about a good change in your life, it is best to free yourself from expectations. There's no need to worry about failing at all. It is time to tell yourself that you need to keep moving to start a new life. 

Here are the ways you can do it?

Tip 1: Work on simplifying your life

The concept of simplifying your life may begin by generally cleaning your home. Letting go of the things on the shelf or cleaning out the closet. It may be an important step as it helps you find resolution in simplifying your life. 

However, in spiritual resolution, simplicity involves the decluttering of your mental and emotional baggage. It means getting rid of distractions in your life to focus on things that really matter. 

Do this by cutting down at least ten minutes of your online life to engage in something productive. Instead of playing those video games or scrolling through your social media page, why don't you use the ten minutes to meditate? 

Use the time to make yourself a better person. Maybe you can do Bible reading for ten minutes. Or perhaps you can start a new pastime or hobby. You'll be surprised at how much more you know about yourself and the Bible with that additional ten minutes of reading each day.

Tip 2: Read at least one spiritual book a month

When was the last time you sat down and read a book from your collection? Face it; you don't have the time. Your responsibilities at home or at work seldom make it possible for you to enjoy some reading time. 

But then, if you want to bring about that change in your spiritual life, you have to make the reading time happen. This time, you won't be reading just any book; you will be reading a book that will help facilitate your spiritual growth. 

If you are not sure which books to read, begin by reading the Bible. There is a lot more to learn about it than you think. From there, you can find other inspirational materials to help strengthen your faith in the divine and yourself. 

Tip 3: Go on a retreat

Have you ever gone on a retreat? No matter how busy your schedule may be, you should consider going on a retreat. Make it a part of your regular schedule, so that you can give it some time. 

The best part of attending a retreat is knowing that you will come home from it with more spiritual essence. It is about learning more about yourself and your faith. All you have to do is block two days of your weekend to make that weekend retreat trip possible. 

What retreats are offered in your community? Ask some friends or family with whom you share the faith. They might know anything about retreats you can join to help you live a life with a more open heart for change

Tip 4: Do volunteer work

What kind of volunteer work should you do? There is no limit to the kind of volunteer work that you do. Whether it is through a charitable organization or you do it as an individual helping another, it does not matter. 

The whole point of doing volunteer work is for you to build on the confidence to be yourself so that you can think beyond what you need. When you see how others live, it will help you realize that there is a lot more you should be thankful for. 

Living a life of gratitude is one of the things that you can do to help yourself. It is not just about being thankful for what you have. Rather, it is about taking an extra step to help others. 

Volunteer work is also not limited to money. You can give your time and attention to care for others, and that's volunteer work too. For as long as you do things without any monetary value in return, you are already doing volunteer work. 

What's Your Takeaway?

If you want to do something to improve your spiritual life, you have got to be prepared to make changes. Instead of abandoning the spiritual resolutions you had at the beginning of the journey just because you didn't meet them on time, you should push yourself to work harder to improve the experience.

Every spiritual experience you have reveals a lot about who you are. It helps you discover who you can be and where your spirituality practice can take you. 

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