Tips To Strengthen Your Daily Tarot Readings 

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You have just caught the tarot card bug! You are all too giddy and excited to do your first reading. The feel of the cards in your hands is just too dreamy. You can barely focus on your other daily tasks because you're just so jazzed.

When you first begin reading the tarot card of the day, it's like you're navigating through a book that's written in a language foreign to you. The symbols, numbers, images, astrology signs, and the mythology puts meaning into every card. 

It can make you feel like a lot is going on, and you are missing out on reading them. The thought of getting the reading of the card wrong always makes you feel nervous. You get too caught up in the minor details that you lose track of the bigger picture.

More than the message in the picture, it is the spiritual experience that comes with every tarot card reading.

What It Means To Enjoy The Experience

Tarot reading daily is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. While the first few tries will always be about memorizing the cards and what they mean, the succeeding readings should be about how you can relate the card's meaning to your life's circumstances. 

With every card you pull, make sure that you eagerly flip through the card guide to ensure you are doing the correct reading. While intuition plays a huge role in every card reading success, you must memorize the base meanings of the cards. 

It might be easier to memorize everything that relies on your intuition for the message of the cards. By doing daily cards, you can leave together with a tarot card narrative, slowly releasing yourself from the manual and incorporating the inner resources that you have. 

Is it possible to make it happen? You can make it happen with a few tips. 

How Do You Improve The Tarot Card Experience?

Tip 1: Take note of the recurring symbols in some of the cards in the deck

Do you notice a lot of landscapes are coming out of your reading? If you are doing a one card tarot reading, all the meanings will evolve around that card and how it relates to your current circumstance. 

However, if you are doing a multiple card reading, you must note the symbols that recur in the cards that you pull out of the deck. The swords that come out of your reading or even the card's subject—all these details may be trying to send you a separate meaning on its own.

For example, you draw three cards that all have the faces of the individuals covered. It could emphasize self-denial from your end. It could be that you are feeling trapped in your stream of negative thoughts. In an effort to protect your emotions, you ended up trapping your heart. 

Facing the truth about how you feel and how they are revealed in the cards is vital in tarot card reading. The cards do not lie. You can lie all you want, but the cards will always speak of the truth. 

Remember that honesty, even in tarot card reading, is the best policy. Embrace your vulnerability, and it will make you feel free

Tip 2: Memorizing meanings is only the first step

Every first-time tarot card reader relies on the meanings that are given in every pack. However, as you evolve in the practice of tarot cards, you must recognize that every card's definition depends on a lot of different factors and not just the assigned meaning to it in the beginning. 

Think of the tarot cards as your language for communication. You can use different symbols in the cards and the various collaborations of each one to reveal meaning. Its meaning will always depend on the context in which it is used. 

Every reader of the tarot card will bring his knowledge, insight, and experience in the reading of the cards. Tarot cards come with a complex set of meanings, although general rules are governing the cards. How you follow what they say depends a lot on the meaning of the card. 

When it seems as if the meaning of the card is blank, follow this formula to gain meaning: numerology + symbolism of suit + surrounding cards. 

Tip 3: The Fool's Journey is contained in all 23 Major Arcana cards

The Major Arcana cards carry so much meaning. Astrological and mythological references are very strong. Typically, those who are just starting their journey in tarot card reading find this aspect of card reading rather challenging. 

Every Major Arcana card signifies a stage in the Fool's Journey representing the most common psychological themes present in the human experience. The first 22 cards show the ups and downs of human life on earth.

If you keep this sequence in mind, it becomes quite easy to ascertain if there are overarching energy and spiritual space in the area you want to focus on. 

For example, Temperance, Devil, and The Tower—these three cards come in a series in the deck. Temperance is often considered as a card that shows caution, giving a fair warning to what could happen. Devil, on the other hand, is the card that reveals the loss in balance. It means the person is clinging to his toxic attachments and negativity.

The Tower following the devil only shows that these negative energies could culminate and build a negativity tower. When it erupts, it will cause destruction in your life. 

Learning the narrative as such could help any beginner, not in memorizing the meaning of every card. Instead, it allows them to remember each card that comes out of the sequence and draws its significance to the context of when it was drawn.

What Are The Cards Trying To Say?

Trust in the intentions that you had before you began the reading. Your intuition, no matter how seemingly fleeting it is, will always tell you the truth. The energy that you bring to the table will be reflected in the card. 

Every tarot card reading is different, and it is up to you if you make it magical. 

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