Your Imperfections Are A Gift To The World

articles energy updates Oct 30, 2020

“What are you so afraid of?” When young children are asked this question, they usually automatically talk about monsters and ugly creatures that come in their sleep and give them nightmares. For young adults, they think of everything that makes them feel insecure about themselves. 

While everyone tells you to embrace imperfection, it becomes so much harder to do when you also have to keep up with other people’s expectations. You hate to disappoint those you care about, so you try your best to achieve perfection or something close to it. 

You are not perfect, nobody is, but your attempt to overcome your imperfections is slowly hurting you in ways you cannot imagine. Your refusal to accept these imperfections is taking you farther away from who you are. 

Embracing imperfection, they say, is your gift to the world. But how does that happen?

What Happens When You Deny Imperfections?

Imperfections are a part of everyone. It is one of the things that makes a person truly human. But when people begin to set aside their weaknesses and focus their attention on everything that is good about them, they begin to develop the roots of narcissism. 

In the 1970s, this phenomenon was referred to as the failed self-esteem movement. It was when a lot of people hid what they considered as the negative aspects of their life. They would only show off the positive side to make people believe that theirs is a perfect life. 

Those who become witnesses to such suffer from malicious feelings of sensitivity. They become obsessed with perfection. Everyone began to aspire only to live that picture-perfect life. Everyone talked about their dream vacations and how they loved their lives so much. 

In the advent of technology, social media became a useful tool to broadcast the wonderful lives that people live. It has reached a popularity level that everyone aspires to have the same kind of life, not knowing that those who practice such vanity have denied themselves of their imperfections. 

This inflated view of themselves has harmed a lot of people. It has led them to believe that it was okay not to love your imperfections. When their illusions of grandiosity fail them, it leads them to depression, overspending on items to impress other people, and getting into debt.

Some people try to justify their actions and come up with their own excuses. Over time, their quality of life crumbles down on them. They slowly fall apart because they failed to recognize their mistakes. 

Sadly, people become lesser versions of themselves. When you tell yourself to embrace your flaws, meaning you have accepted that part of who you are, you are more likely to enjoy life. You don’t have to beat yourself down just because you don’t have everything that others have.

Instead, it will teach you humility. It will lead you to be humble because it is only then that you will see the true light. 

Embracing imperfection is all about learning to love who you are. When you have learned to accept that your flaws are a part of who you are and that they can mean more room for improvement, you will begin to see what else you need to become better in life. 

With more love for yourself, you can show the world more love too. If only everyone cared a little bit more, the world would definitely be a better place to be. 

Tips On How You Can Make The World Better

Embracing your imperfections could mean giving the world a gift of life. It is another opportunity to make your life and the lives of those around you so much better. After all, it is in growth that we can find the true meaning of life. 

How do you make the world a better place by embracing your imperfections? Here are some tips to help you out:

Tip 1: Identify your imperfections

Like your strengths, you must know your weaknesses very well. Those imperfections are embedded within you, and that’s okay. But because you want to improve yourself and become better, you owe it to yourself to find your imperfections

Do you find it difficult to deal with emotions that you simply choose to deny that they exist? Have you become too impatient that the simple faults make you say bad words? Or has your inquisitiveness and curiosity turned you into the judgmental person that you are? Be curious about who you are.

Your imperfections do not make you an ineffective or defective individual at that. In truth, these imperfections make you human

Tip 2: Be committed to making that change.

Once you have identified your imperfections, meditate, and try to understand how your actions have impacted those around you. How are you influencing others with your actions and reactions? 

Build a concept of the world by asking yourself how your life is intertwined with those around you. Work on the concept of how these lives depend on you because this step will allow you to see things beyond how you feel or what you think. 

It will make you realize that the things you do and your choices affect something that is larger than yourself. This works very well in repairing relationships. 

For example, when you are angry all the time, it is affecting your relationship with your partner and your child. It could keep them from showing how much they love you because they see and feel that you are always angry at the world. 

When you realize how your life is affecting those you care about, you will come to see how your change to a positive perspective can bring them positivity as well. 

How Do Your Imperfections Change The World?

Weaknesses, sufferings, and imperfections are all part of who you are a human being. Accepting them and working things out will only make this world a better place. Remember that small acts of kindness can go a long way. Over time, you will see how your good deeds today will ripple into good deeds that others will pay forward. 

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