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Written by: Cameron Harman 


A crisp green apple, a little sweet, a little sour leaving your taste buds rich with flavor. Or a tasty beverage on a warm summer night. Life can be so wonderful at times and so violently unpleasant the next. You stub your toe on your way to work, only to get fired on the spot. The kind of day that makes you wonder what life is all about, why is it so hard? Most of us have had that thought periodically in life and just keep trucking along, because thats all you can do, right? For many years that was my everyday life, just asleep at the wheel, trying to get by. Until I started learning about Zen and Buddhism, the practice of peace and tranquility. As it has been said, if you try and describe Zen you have already failed.  

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Forget the formality, this is my version of Zen. When I started looking at life from a neutral state of mind....

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