3 Things You Should Know About The New Moon In Cancer

The current New Moon that's coming through on July 20th, 2020 is in the zodiac sign of Cancer. 

In this article, I'm going to be offering three different ways to understand the energy at this time and ways that you can tap in and utilize this energy. 

Let's dive right into the goodies that this watery sign has to give! 

Energy Aspect #1: Cancer Is The Sign Of The Great Mother

When she's in her highest expression, she expresses herself in the world through the divine feminine energy. We are talking about the power that nourishes all of life!

But when the Cancerian sign is in her shadow, she embodies all of the shadow feminines. Meaning she is there to siphon from life! 

Either of these expressions can come through you at this time, so it will be important to take care that your negative emotions do not entirely take the wheel! I will go into more detail about this when we reach the second energy aspect.

During this time, many of us will be exploring our collective imprint of the Mother, not necessarily our Earthly mother but the archetype of the Mother inside of us. This might look like old patterns coming to the surface to be cleared! But it can also look like being able to tap into your innate gifts from your genetic lineage! Cancer is the sign of ancestry after all.  

New Moon energy is all about Yin energy, or the energy we use to reflect and receive energy. Because this is a New Moon, this exploration of the feminine energy and its associations will be about your relationship to yourself.

Don't be surprised if you start illuminating patterns within yourself of what the feminine truly means FOR YOU! 

Energy Aspect #2: Cancer Rules The Realm Of Emotions

This New Moon is going to amplify your emotional body. Whether you like it or not, this sign will be put a magnifying glass on your emotions.

Instead of trying to suppress these emotions, be in touch with them. I like to think of emotions as visitors passing through. If we allow them to simply be felt and listened to without coming to any conclusions or taking immediate action, they can really impart a message to you. 

Allow yourself to really release if you need to! Shake it out, move, let out a scream in a pillow, or have a little pillow boxing match! Journal your feelings! Lip sync or karaoke your favorite song. Feel all the feels! Let your emotions out! Of course, don't take out your emotions on other people. Be constructive. 

I think all of us could use a bit of cathartic release at this time! 

Think about the feminine when she's in her brilliance; she uses emotions as a channel for connection to deep intuition and empathic healing! So allow yourself at this time to have compassion towards your emotions in each moment, whether it's sadness, grief, anger, or even happiness and joy that are coming through. Really pay attention to the emotional realm and what is being communicated to you through these feelings. 

If you slow down to really listen and understand the message that your spirit wants to bring through for you, you will come out of this portal knowing precisely what is needed in the next part of your journey. 

Energy Aspect #3: Tap Into The Element Of Water For Healing

The third point here on this little energy update exploration is going to be that you should use water to tap into the brilliance and natural essence of the Cancer energy. Of the astrological zodiac elements, Cancer is the one out of three other water signs (Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio). 

Utilize this time to merge with the magic of water, to get to know this element and the natural gifts it embodies!

One of the easiest ways to do this would be to take a bath or go down to the ocean, river, or lake in your area. Stand in the rain! Swim in the nourishing water. Feel the necessity of water in your body and how it is consistently assisting you in cleansing and revitalizing your system. 

And also, on an energetic and emotional level, tap into the nourishing waters within you. If you are a woman, in many ancient cultures, we have been associated with the element of water. Men also need to tap into this essence to help balance the more "fire-like" qualities within them. 

Water is such a healing element that this can be a time when you tap into your associations with what it means to be a healer to yourself and others. And of course, it is important to remember that in order for us to be a healer to anyone else, we need to be able to heal ourselves first, right? 

So, use this time to tap into understanding the nature of healing.


About the author: Hi, my name is Jocelyn Daher, and I am a guide for empathic, super-sensitive souls who want to understand the deeper layers of reality. I also teach women about the sacred womb mysteries. If you would like to check out my work, you can find me at www.jocelyndaher.com or on Instagram @jocelyndaher

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