3 Ways To Develop A Flexible Mind

What does it mean to have a flexible mind? When you often find yourself frustrated or disappointed because things are not going your way, then you may need to learn about developing flexibility. The flexibility that we're talking about is the ability to shift from one task to accommodate another. It is also about your ability to handle a number of thought processes at a particular time. Do you have difficulties practicing flexible thinking? If you do, then read along so you'll learn about how to develop a flexible mind. 

What Is A Flexible Mind?

Imagine your brain as a kind of muscle. When you use it more and challenge it, our minds become more flexible and can easily adjust to changes or new situations. We can be more flexible to change if we're more willing to get out of our comfort zones and expose ourselves to challenges. The more we practice and expose ourselves to new things, then we can become even more creative and resilient, which, in turn, helps us to lead fulfilling lives. 

Nevertheless, expect this process to be a bit difficult because we're not taught to be flexible. We may not be aware of it, but we're actually more inclined to be close-minded to most things in life. When we were younger, when we wanted something, we cried our eyes out until someone gave us that toy or cookie. Now that we're grown-ups, we still have that inner two-year-old. We still feel frustrated or disappointed whenever the things that we have in mind didn't happen. 

Most of the time, we expect so much out of ourselves and other people. We've created such high standards that we're doomed to be disappointed at some point. When you have a flexible mind, you're more open to the possibility that things can go differently from what you're expecting. And when they do, you don't react negatively about it. Instead, you go with the flow and assess what you can do to adjust to the changes. 

Why Is It Important To Have A Flexible Mind?

If we don't learn to be flexible, then our life will be tougher or more miserable. We'll be stuck with a stiffened mind that isn't open to new possibilities. Imagine you're so fixed on a certain mindset that you can't accommodate other ideas, thoughts, or others' opinions and suggestions. There's no chance for you to grow or learn something new

However, if you practice being flexible, then you can appreciate and be surprised by the different outcomes that you didn't expect. You can value what other people have to say and what their ideas are, especially if you're working as a team. You'll be more open to new opportunities, and you'll be more inclined to say yes and take on the challenge. The point is that a flexible mind will open the doors to a life that is more fun, exciting, and full of surprises. Wouldn't you want to live a life like that?

Practicing Flexible Thinking Activities

Now that you know the importance of having a flexible mind, then it's time to learn what exercises you can do to practice flexibility. The way you practice this is similar to how you practice physical flexibility. You can't expect yourself to be able to do incredible yoga positions on your first try, so start slowly until you build momentum and endurance. 

Rediscover your environment

You can practice being flexible by changing your environment a bit. It doesn't have to be drastic. For example, you can try new curtains for your room to start and see how it makes you feel. At work, how about reorganizing your desk so that you'll have a new arrangement in your workspace? Or if you work from home, instead of staying in your home office the whole day, you can choose to work at a nearby coffee shop. That way, you can see other people and feel a different ambiance. It's little changes like these that will open your mind to becoming more flexible. 

Try something you haven't done before

Think of yourself when you were younger. For sure, you wanted to have an awesome career like being a prima ballerina, a scientist, a painter, or even an astronaut. Maybe your life took a different turn, and you're doing something else that's different from your childhood dream. Don't let your circumstances stop you from fulfilling your dreams. If you wanted to learn how to dance, then try taking adult dance classes. Don't ever think that it's too late for you. All you have to do is be open to the many opportunities that you can take. 

Say, "yes!" often

New things can be intimidating. However, you can run away from it, or you can embrace it. Developing a flexible mind can be done by being more spontaneous. If you don't usually go out on Friday nights and your colleagues at work invited you, say yes! Try a different drink instead of the usual beer. Talk to people you find interesting. There's a lot to discover out there. Whenever someone invites you to join them for some activity over the weekend, go for it! It will be fun to get to know people and learn about their interests and hobbies. It's a way for you to get to know yourself, too.  

Final Thoughts

Having a flexible mind is exciting. You'll soon appreciate the many benefits of being a spontaneous person who can make something interesting out of an unexpected situation. Don't be afraid to engage in new activities because that's how you'll find out if you like it. If you're always fearful about stepping out of your comfort zone and being close-minded about unfamiliar things, then it's going to be a long and tedious life. Spice things up a bit and let loose. Life is to short not to have fun!

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