4 Benefits Of Daily Writing

articles lifestyle Jul 24, 2020

Writers, managers, journalists, or keynote speakers are often the people you find writing. While it may seem as if they are the only ones who can genuinely benefit from daily writing, anyone can benefit from developing their writing skills. 

You can begin by keeping a daily journal. Humans are naturally social animals. While most of us utilize both verbal and non-verbal communication strategies, only a small part of these strategies are required for writing.

When you stop to ask why is writing important, ask yourself if you could survive not checking your social media account, posting a status update, or commenting on other people’s updates of their lives. This also includes the text messages you send through your mobile phone or your written response to the email sent to you by a client. 

These daily tasks require you to write, and unless you write your messages very well, you won’t be able to get the right one across. 

How Can You Benefit From Writing Daily?

Having excellent writing skills can improve your life. While this may not seem like it in the beginning, the point of writing is for you to send the right message so that the other person will understand. Many use writing for persuasive essays to end racism or other prejudices. Some write to create stories or to bring laughter into people’s lives. There are many reasons for writingand you want to make sure you are prepared for each one. 

Here are the top benefits of writing and how the practice of it can improve your life.

Writing helps you express yourself

Did you ever feel the need to vent or speak your mind? While it is essential to get the point across, sometimes saying it out loud isn’t going to be effective. Verbally expressing your emotions could sometimes be taken out of context. This is when good writing skills prove to be effective. 

The purpose of journaling is to express all types of emotions, including doubts, fantasies, grievances, anger, frustrations, and a lot more. Just let all those words out without worrying about hurting others or other people getting the wrong message. Your journal is like an extension of your mind. 

To clear your mind, keep the journal to help you express those thoughts and ideas that may be too controversial to speak aloud. Then, you can enjoy life without those ideas distracting you from what you are doing. With your journal, you can be sure to focus on getting your job done right, but at the same time, you can express how you feel without sugarcoating anything for anyone. It’s the real you talking in your journal, and that’s liberating. 

Writing helps you hold on to memories

One of the advantages of journal writing is that it gives you the ability to look back at the past and relive it. The process of writing allows you to bring back memories of the utmost happiness and pleasure that you may have forgotten. 

Start by writing down those that you truly remember. You’d be surprised at how putting down those words on paper could trigger that part of your brain that keeps all your memories. Soon, you will be writing about each beautiful memory, and your heart will be overjoyed. 

From a new perspective, you will be looking back at these memories, and you’ll be able to ponder upon them, relearning how each one helped shape you.

While some may say that writing about memories could also mean bringing back all the pain and the sadness that you felt, it is the kind of process that allows you to understand your feelings better. Through writing, you will be able to help yourself recover from past hurt, forgive, and move on. 

Writing can help you hold on to great ideas

How do you hold on to great ideas that suddenly pop up in your head while you are too busy doing a task? The rule of thumb is always to find a way to be able to write it down. While it is ideal if you can keep them inside your head, you know that’s not possible. With the number of ideas that your mind processes in a day, you are bound to forget about that great idea.

However, when you can write them down and save them for later, you will be able to keep them. Perhaps, they could also serve as an inspiration for you to start on that new project you’ve been putting off. Brainstorming using the ideas you’ve written down also helps enhance the brain. It keeps all those ideas alive, and that’s truly amazing. 

Writing helps you put your life into perspective 

One of the best reasons why you should keep a journal is for you to be able to keep all those ideas in one place. But the best part of it is that writing allows you to explore your past and present to help you plan for the future. 

Writing can help you see things from different points of view. This will allow you to see things from a more objective perspective. Maybe from simple journal writing, you could explore writing a blog. This idea may need you to think long and hard about. It’s a bit more challenging because you will be writing for a particular audience. 

Writing is one of the mental exercises that can help you keep your mind sharp. It allows you to keep your brain in shape, like how physical activity does for your body. Writing helps release a number of cognitive processes, and it also helps enhance your mental creativity. 

When in doubt, write, when feeling low, write. When you are at your happiest, write. All these kinds of writing will help you enhance your life. In truth, writing can help prevent mental illnesses from becoming a part of who you are. Regular writing comes with a lot of benefits. All you have to do is start. 

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