4 Tarot Spreads That Can Help With Your Stress


Do you find yourself in an annoying or a rather stressful situation

Even people who believe they are calm and level-headed can still find themselves under a lot of pressure and anxiety. The distressing circumstances they find themselves in may push their patience to the limit. This situation could bring about feelings of frustration and maybe even anger.

How Do You Manage Stress With Tarot Cards?

Every person has their own way of dealing with stress. Some binge eat to fend off all those feelings, and others drown themselves with more work to forget about how frustrated they have been feeling. 

Turning to astrology and consulting the cosmos has become comforting for many. They tap into the power of intuition to allow themselves to process their stress and emotions accordingly. When everything feels so wrong, they turn to the tarot cards for help. 

The tarot cards lend themselves to anyone and everyone who wishes to navigate themselves through a stressful situation. While it may feel like there's a long journey ahead, you can still take on one tarot spread at a time. 

The world tarot feelings open doors for people who seek to understand why they feel how they feel. They recognize the role that the cosmos plays in processing their emotions. They believe that through the cards, they will be able to ease the struggles of dealing with stress and find inner peace. 

Spread 1: Single Card

This spread is quick and can help you find your focus for the day. This single card can help you find some direction and decide what you should work on in the moment. You could use this when trying to figure out what you should focus on for your day, week, or month. For example, the World tarot feelings are those of relief because it may mean that you will be just fine and that all your efforts, no matter what you do, will be for your good. Even a scarier card, like the Tower when it comes to love and feelings, can mean that perhaps you need to focus on your relationships to relieve your stress. Sometimes single cards can be specific or general, but if you listen to what the cards are trying to tell you, you'll find the solution.

Spread 2: Past, Present, Future

This simple spread can help you look into your past to see what may be causing your stress, your present to see how it's affecting you now, and peek into the future depending on what you choose to do. This spread can help reduce your stress because it gives you a general idea of what you can do to solve your problems. 

Spread 3: Situation, Obstacle, Advice/Solution

This spread, while similar to the Past, Present, Future spread is much more specific. It enlightens you to the particular issue you're dealing with, the obstacle standing in your way, and the solution to the entire problem. While it won't hand you every single tool you'll need, it will give you a roadmap to get you started. 

Spread 4: 4-Card Tarot Spread

The 4-tarot card spread is a popular spread that can help you address your concerns and help you deal with your stress. It will help you determine the best way to deal with every worry that you have. In particular, it requires you to ask these questions to get specific answers for each. Below is an example of the types of cards and solutions you could get from a 4-card tarot spread so you can see what kind of help you can get.

Card 1: What is causing the stress?

The 5 of Pentacles is the card that can help you find the root cause of all your stress. Often, the tarot card is used to foretell the financial poverty that you might find yourself in. However, tarot cards can reveal more than just that. 

It could also reveal that your "lack mindset" may be what's causing your issues. Simply put, you are attracting the lack of abundance in your life precisely because of your lack of a positive attitude. Remember the basic Law of Attraction

Sadly, when you don't deal with the "lack mindset," the vicious cycle of feeling like you don't have enough continues until it causes more stress than you can handle. It will lead to more losses in the future. 

The upside of consulting the 5 of Pentacles is that halfway in reading the suits of Pentacles, you will find an opportunity for you. This could be the turning point you've been waiting for. Instead of an unfortunate ending to your story, you could turn it around and make a strong comeback. 

Card 2: What can you control?

The 4 of Swords is a card that speaks of rest, spiritual and mental clarity, and rejuvenation. This card indicates that you need to take some time to rest and let go. Maybe this refers to the things in your life that you are no longer in control of.

Healing comes to those who recognize that they were hurt and broken by what happened to them. Their circumstances have caused them a lot of pain. When they acknowledge the source of their pain, they will be able to teach themselves to let go and let things be

This card also puts you in a position where you become in charge of your healing. It is about owning your body and taking command over the journey towards healing. Forgiveness and energy are required in order to promote spiritual rejuvenation.

Card 3: What are the things that are beyond your control?

The 5 of Wands is a card of bickering and conflict. It means that you are in an argument with another person or a group of people. Drawing this card serves as a reminder that other people and what they choose to do is beyond your control.

The message that the card wants to send is simple: you need to let go and resist the temptation of getting in the way. Intervening won't do you and that other person any good. Trying to fix the situation won't be fruitful at all. 

Trying to help them by telling them what to do will only bring more stress. It will mean allowing their problems to take room in your headspace, and it will likely hurt you more than it will help. 

Card 4: What words of affirmation does the tarot have for me?

The 9 of Pentacles is a message of affirmation from the tarot cards. The cards wish you all the best, hoping you will enjoy all the fruits of your hard work. It is also the card that reminds you that the future is waiting to happen and that you should allow it to unfold. 

At this point, when it seems all the stress is eating you up, this card will be your reminder that the problems you are facing at the moment are only temporary. Better to forward to the good days ahead because there will be better days for you. 

Like every other obstacle you faced in the past, you can get over the unfortunate circumstance that you are in. 

What Does The Tarot Do For You?

While every tarot card expresses a different message depending on who is doing the reading, these four tarot spreads can help you in any situation.

These tarot spreads for stress reveal every card's true message, and that is to give you a beacon of hope that all will be well in time. 

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