5 Tips For Breaking Up with a Friend

articles lifestyle Mar 17, 2020

Everyone will experience losing a friend at some point in our lives. If you’re going through a split up with a friend, then it’s a really difficult time for you. You’re feeling all these emotions and it hurts. You may be thinking about how to fix a breakup with your friend. But the best thing to do right now is to focus on yourself and how you can heal from a broken friendship. 

Sometimes, breaking up with a friend is even worse than breaking up with a romantic partner. For you, you’ve lost someone really dear; someone who you think you’ll always have all your life through thick and thin. This person is not just someone you know or have a few drinks with. This is an individual who knows you inside out. 

With romantic relationships, somehow, we know and accept that there’s a probability for things to not work out as we hope. However, with friendships, it’s hard for us to even imagine that there will be something that can break you and your friend apart. Now, you’re at a point in your life where you need to know how to distance yourself from a friend so that you can move on. Don’t let bitterness, anger, and hatred overpower you. It’s best to let it go and heal.  

Boxing up old memories

Going through a breakup with a friend is hard. One of the first steps to take is to set aside things that remind you of your friend. You don’t have to throw them away or get rid of them. You can simply box them up and store them for now. So, after you’ve cried so many tears and let out your pain, give yourself a weekend to do some cleaning.

If you have gifts, photos, and other things from your friend, put them in a box and store them on the top shelf. It will clear your mind from the negative feelings that are torturing you. Also, try to avoid the places that you used to go to. Eat at another restaurant or go to another bar with other friends or by yourself. Take this opportunity to learn more about yourself apart from being someone’s friend. 

Keeping yourself busy

Now that you and your friend had split up, you may find that you have so much time in your hands. A lot of free time can lead you down a miserable path. You’ll be thinking of your friend and how much you miss him or her. Don’t allow yourself to dwell in negative feelings. Remember that it’s just not worth it to suffer over something like a friend who didn’t care enough for your friendship to save it. So, whenever you’re feeling down, acknowledge it and then shrug it off. You deserve to be happy. 

With all the free time that you have, you can finally do the things that you like and not the activities that your friend likes. Watch all the movies and TV series that you’ve long wanted to watch. Try to remember your old hobbies and revisit them. If you like painting, then now you have all the time you need to paint your masterpiece. Keep yourself busy and do the things that will make you a happier person. 

Meeting new people

Your friend is not the only person in the world who will love and understand you. Give yourself the opportunity to meet other people and be open to possibilities. It’s about time that you have a fresh start with someone else. You may not know it yet but one of the people you’ll meet will be a better friend. You’ll be able to nurture a better and more lasting friendship with him or her. 

By meeting other people, you’ll discover things about yourself that you didn’t know while you were in your previous friendship. This new friendship will also give you a chance to learn about new things, try new hobbies, eat different dishes, and discover new places. It’s going to be an adventure and you will love it. So, welcome this opportunity and have a great time. 

Writing in a journal

Try to balance your time between meeting other people and making time for yourself. No matter how hard you try to pack your schedule so you’re always with someone else, there will still be times when you’ll be alone. But it’s not so bad. There’s nothing wrong about being by yourself. Think about it, you have the chance to try new things. 

If you’re afraid to be by yourself because you think you’ll think about your friend or miss him or her more, then don’t worry. During such times, try keeping a journal. Whenever you feel bad or there are intrusive thoughts in your head, write them down. Don’t bottle up your feelings because it’s poison. They won’t do you any good. At this time, your journal is your trusted friend. Let it all out. 

Forgiving your friend and forgiving yourself

In the end, there’s no better thing to do than to forgive your friend. In the process, forgive yourself as well. For sure, you and your friend have done and said things that hurt both of you. Let go of that. Holding on to your anger and hate and pain will not benefit you one bit. Forgive and let all the negativity go. Don’t let the breakup affect you as much. 

If you continue to hold on to those negative feelings then you allow your friend to affect you even without them doing anything. You wouldn’t want that, right? You deserve love and happiness in your life. Allow your friend to move on and let yourself move forward as well. 

Final Thoughts

Breaking up with a friend is never easy. But it will ultimately benefit you in some way. Don’t forget to find something good no matter how bad the situation gets. With these five tips for breaking up with a friend, hopefully, you’ll be able to heal and live your life even more fully. 

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