7 Yoga Mudras And Their Amazing Benefits

When was the last time you practiced yoga? It is pretty amazing how this meditative practice has brought a huge change in the lives of those who religiously practice it. Perhaps you have benefitted from yoga since you started it. 

And yet, little do people know that there is so much more about yoga than just asanas. It is more than just about twisting the body, toning it, or strengthening the muscles. There are so many other ancient techniques in the practice of yoga that is yet to be discovered. One of them is the meditation mudra

Discovering The Beauty Of The Yoga Mudras

What is it about the meditation mudra that makes it stand out? This ancient practice began as part of the Pranayama meditation. While newbies may describe this as a form of meditation hand positions, mudras express a psychic, emotional, and aesthetic gestures. 

Ancient yoga masters would often describe the mudras as an act of balancing all the energies in the body. Its practice is all about bringing change in the perception, attitude, and mood of a person. 

The different types of mudras are also known to help develop the mindfulness and awareness of an individual. The practice of the mudras made requires a combination of different visualizations, pranayama, asanas, and breathing techniques. 

There are also times when the body only seems to be a practice of hand positions. And yet, such hand gestures help in the awakening of the chakras, pranas, and mudras to help teach the subtle balance in the body.

These actions will help in achieving a united consciousness. This takes a person to a higher form of finding the unity of their inner elements. 

When Is The Best Time To Practice Yoga Mudras?

Is it too late to start your yoga practice? It is never too late for yoga. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has tried it before and is just going back again, go ahead and practice away. 

Practicing yoga is more than just getting to your core and finding inner peace. Yoga, in itself, comes with a lot of benefits. When you start your practice and combine it with this mudras list, you are off to a good start. 

Here are the different types of mudras you can try and the benefits with which they come.

Gyan Mudra

To practice this yoga mudra, sit in your most comfortable meditation position. Then, fold your index finger, making sure that they touch the inside roots of the thumb. Now, straighten the other fingers on the hand so that they are apart from each other. 

Slowly, place your hand above your knees with both your palms facing down. Finally, relax your arms and your body and begin the meditation. 

This is the yoga mudra that helps focus on the mind. It is a common practice that helps in achieving a more relaxed state of mind and body. It helps in relieving stress while it works to calm the nervous system. 

It improves the body's ability to concentrate on achieving that focused yet peaceful mind.

Surya Mudra

To do this yoga position, press your thumb against your ring finger. Now, straighten all the other fingers on the hand to put them in a more relaxed position. Place both your hands on your knees with both your palms facing up. Keep this position until your arms and your hands feel relaxed. 

This is one of the most desired forms of mudra because it helps enhance weight loss. This raises the fire from within that helps improve digestion and kickstart weight loss. More than that, it also helps keep the cholesterol in your body under control, improve your vision, and energize your mind and body to keep you active.  

Prana Mudra

You can perform this mudra by bending both your ring finger and the little finger with both tips touching the tip of your thumb. Slowly straighten the other two fingers to help them become relaxed while they are apart. Firmly, put both hands on your knees with both palms facing up. Try to relax the rest of your hand and your arms to achieve that meditative state. 

This is the mudra that benefits the person's overall wellness, providing them with immense energy to make things happen. This mudra also helps increase the earth and water elements in the body, providing the person with a high level of energy

This simple prana mudra position also helps the body deal with fatigue, general debility, sleeplessness, mental stress, hypertension, and panic attacks. Also, it removes lower immunity that leads to problems in acidity, ulcer, joint aches, and many more. 

Vayu Mudra

To perform the Vayu Mudra, you need to fold your index finger while pressing your index finger's second phalanx bone with the tip of your thumb. Now, slowly try to straighten the other fingers so that they are apart from each other, but are in a more relaxed position. Now, put both your hands on your knees with the palms facing the upward position. 

This is the mudra that helps increase the air element inside of you, making it the best yoga mudra to deal with pain relief. It can bring magic to people suffering from joint pains, gout, arthritis, and rheumatism. It is perfect for those who recently underwent surgery as well. 

This is the mudra to practice if you want to improve your digestion or simply put your body in its most relaxed state. 

Varun Mudra

To do this yoga asana, the tip of your little finger must touch the tip of your thumb. Now, straighten the other fingers to help them relax. Put both hands with the palms facing upward and start meditation. 

This mudra promotes beauty and wellness. It also helps you deal with cramps, dehydration, and the dryness of the skin. 

Chin Mudra

This mudra is performed much like the Gyan Mudra except that both the palms should be facing upward. The back of the hands should be resting on both knees. This mudra helps to cure insomnia while improving memory power and concentration. It also enables you to deal with psychological disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Adi Mudra

The thumb is put at the base of the small finger. The other remaining fingers must be curled over the thumb, forming what looks like a light fist. Now, put the hands on top of your knees with the palms facing upward and find that relaxing pose.

This symbolic gesture helps relax the nervous system and reduce snoring.

Which Hand Mudra Should You Practice?

There is no limit in the number of hand mudras that you can practice at a time. You can choose one or choose to do all. It is your choice. 

However, during meditation, you might want to focus on helping a particular part of your body. Whether it is your digestion or to help enhance weight loss, it is essential to consider which part of your body needs your attention the most. 

The practice of yoga mudras come with their unique benefits, each one seemingly better than the last. But there is one thing that ties them all together—this is the fact that they are all beneficial for the body. 

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