Enter the Anunnaki ~ Sumerian Epic (Part 4)

Welcome to Part 4 of The Sumerian Epic! In this episode, our exploration of our history becomes even more unique and interesting, shifting from the stories of the creation of the Solar System, to the legends of the Ancient Gods as planets, to actual beings. The legends tell of beings called the Anunnaki (also called Anunna), who supposedly engaged in a number of adventures long ago, and among their many deeds, also created humanity in the process.

There are so many questions that arise when faced with claims such as this, and today we are beginning the exploration of our origin story by going over the essential concepts that have been laid out before us. These ideas have been discussed by a number of scholars over the last several decades, and as we’ve previously explored, a lot of these interpretations of the Sumerian Tablets were initially laid out by Zechariah Sitchin.

Sitchin believed that the planet Nibiru was inhabited with life, due to a strong atmosphere and a lot of internal heat from the planet's core, they were able to survive in the far reaches of space for a long period of time while their planet traveled far outside of our solar system. However, eventually their planet began having a problem, they were losing heat through a weakening of their atmosphere, and they needed a solution. Eventually, the idea was put forth to put gold particles in their atmosphere, creating a heat shield that could allow them to continue to live out in deep space.

Unfortunately, their planet didn’t actually have any gold on it, and so they looked for another solution until they found it on a planet they called Ki, the planet we know today as the Earth. The Anunnaki are believed to have come here roughly 450,000 years ago, where they began mining the Earth for its gold and shuttling it back to their planet. They mined for a very long time, but eventually, the workers grew tired of their task and rebelled against their bosses.

The outcome was a solution that would change the fate of life on Earth forever… The creation of a slave race to mine the gold for them. How will things turn out? Enjoy this brand new episode of The Sumerian Epic, and keep an eye out for part 5 in 2 weeks!




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