Common Myths To Know About Mercury Retrograde

articles energy Aug 19, 2020

Do you often hear people talk about Mercury retrograde and complain about how it has dramatically affected their productivity? It often happens that those who barely know what Mercury retrograde even means have already assumed it’s all bad luck. 

This astrological phenomenon happens about three times each year. As Earth moves to another retrograde period, more people will complain about it. But do you know what’s going on exactly? 

A lot of people who speak of Mercury retrograde do not have all the facts about it. This has led them to develop various Mercury retrograde calendar myths that give everyone else the wrong idea of what to expect. 

What Happens During Mercury Retrograde?

The Mercury retrograde is when the planet Mercury slows down in its movement around the Sun. This means that Earth revolves around the Sun faster than the planet Mercury. 

All too often, when this happens, people experience a kind of unexplainable chaos in their lives. And so they blame it on Mercury retrograde. 

This phenomenon is known to give birth to various communication problems. People experience problems with their travel plans, and it generally makes things feel a bit off balance. 

That encompasses what people mean when they refer to the Mercury retrograde. And yet, as the term became more popular, its definition has become even more dramatized. 

When you search for the meaning of Mercury retrograde at this time, you will only read about it being one of the worst times in a year. It is like you can expect everything else to go wrong. 

But are they all true? Keep reading to find out the truth about several myths about Mercury retrograde. These answers will help you better prepare yourself the next time it comes around Surviving Mercury retrograde is possible, especially when you know even more about it!

The Truth About Mercury Retrograde

What do you know about Mercury retrograde? Here’s a list of myths and the facts that speak of the truth about this astrological phenomenon. 

Myth 1: Mercury is moving in the opposite direction

One of the biggest myths about the Mercury retrograde is that it spins backward; that’s why Earth seems to be moving faster than usual. This belief makes sense because of the term “retrograde,” as it literally means moving backward.

However, this is just a myth. It actually creates an optical illusion that makes people think that it is moving backward. The truth is pretty simple: Mercury is moving slower than it normally does. This is why Earth seems to be moving faster compared to it. 

Myth 2: Mercury retrograde keeps you from being productive

Mercury retrograde has earned itself a bad reputation as people often associate it with the adverse actions they have taken on in life. 

While there is nothing that people can do to control Mercury retrograde, there is always something they can do with their life. Like any other astrological phenomenon, it can work to your advantage if you know how to use it well. Suddenly, it will become beneficial. 

Mercury retrograde is like your wake up call. It encourages you to make reflections of who you are and what you do in life. It opens up the doors of opportunities for you to let go of the past so that you can welcome new opportunities in life. 

Basically, the phenomenon teaches you that you will be better off focusing on more important things and getting them done. Once you are back on track, you can be anything you want to be. 

Myth 3: Relationships will fall apart

Breaking up during Mercury retrograde happens all too often. It is pretty convenient to blame Mercury retrograde when your current relationship falls apart. However, experts believe that your mindset about life and love is what ultimately brings your relationship to an end

During Mercury retrograde, people are able to take a more serious look at what is happening to them. They become more aware of what they want and what they need. Sometimes, they only use the phenomenon as an excuse to make things happen.

Others take advantage of the situation, allowing them to do what they want. It is not up to them if they want to practice compassion or if they simply want to move on. Everyone reacts to Mercury retrograde differently.

But it is not the reason why your relationship has fallen apart. In truth, you just have to fight for it and want to keep it even more so that you can survive the trying times. Loving another person is not about being astrologically compatible. Rather, it is about choosing to be with that person no matter what. 

Discovering What Mercury Retrograde Means

Mercury retrograde is often considered the worst time of the year. People assume that since it will last for weeks, their suffering will also end as soon as the phenomenon is over.

This is perhaps one of the most common myths about Mercury retrograde. People think that when it is over, all their problems and worries will be over too. But they won’t. As long as you think the same way as you did, the issues will always persist. 

Mercury retrograde can be very annoying, especially how it puts you in a position to evaluate what you are doing with your life. But then again, this phenomenon only serves as a messenger to what the universe is trying to tell you.

So instead of hating it all that much, why don’t you turn around and use it to your advantage. Soon, you will be able to see how it could change your life for the better. 

Stop and take a good look at what you have done with your life so far. Take this time to evaluate your choices to hopefully make better ones in the future. 

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