Everyday Magical Things ~ Mandarin

Mandarin Oranges are the fruits of an evergreen shrub native to Asia that belong to the family of Rutaceae and are thought to have originated in the forests of China. These fruits have been used throughout time for a variety of different things.

Mandarins are known to Decrease Liver cancer, Promotes Good Cholesterol over bad Cholesterol, Lowers Blood Pressure, Reduces weight loss, Promotes a healthy immune system, Support Skin Health, And much more!

It’s also really, REALLY good for your skin! The antioxidants make your skin look younger and healthy. The fiber helps flush harmful toxins from your body. The Vitamins are essentials for blemish-free skin. The Oils are helpful in growing new cells and tissues. It’s also good for lessening wrinkles.

There are also specifically essential oil versions of orange extracts that smell absolutely wonderful. Put a few drops in a diffuser to create a calm and peaceful environment. This smell is perfect for a healing and tranquil atmosphere.
Finally, Mandarin Juice can be rubbed into your hair for a very nice shine and bounce.

You can keep a bowl of Mandarin Oranges in the kitchen to bring cheerfulness and relaxation to the environment. Eat some to calm the nerves. Serve them at gatherings to draw people out of their shells. This fruit attracts fun, laughter, and friendship. The peels can be used to help absorb and stop the smell from shoes as well!

Once you’re done eating and enjoying your oranges, put the peels in your shoes for a day or two to help with the aroma. You can also leave the peels out for a few hours to create a yummy, citrusy smell that will encompass the whole room. Finally, to create a longer-lasting smell, rub the inside of the peels on wooden furniture to capture the smell for longer. This is especially perfect for doing in bathrooms.







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