How Yoga Can Help With Back Pain

Yoga has long been associated with the practice of meditation to find focus. While many people engage in yoga to find their inner peace, yoga offers a lot more. 

Did you know that the regular practice of yoga also helps you lose weight? While it may require more challenging poses, the art form itself helps a lot of people achieve their desired weight. Regular practice and dedication can turn every yoga pose into something that helps with your weight problem. 

And yet, many people also speak of how yoga has helped them deal with lower back spasms. Many people have googled "burning pain in back." Could yoga be your answer?

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga?

Yoga offers several benefits to the body, some of which can be surprising. Yoga does not take hours to do unless you want to spend more time doing it. Just a few minutes of practice each day can bring you to a certain level of awareness about your body's needs.  

Yoga helps release the tension spots in the body, but it helps reveal the imbalances from within too. Not only will you be able to align your body and bring it back to its right balance, but you are also allowing yourself to be mindful of your needs from inside looking out. 

Just like any practice, yoga for upper back pain requires a certain kind of meditation to help you deal with the back pain. Different poses could help you learn how to assist your body and alleviate back pain. 

Yoga is not just an art form, but its benefits are fully backed-up with scientific studies too. Several studies show how yoga can help provide back pain relief. It can be compared to a mind over body kind of therapy that offers true healing. Yoga enthusiasts testify to how yoga worked to help them deal with their back pain.

Yoga was initially intended to help an individual develop a deeper level of awareness of themselves. Over time and through continued practice, yoga enthusiasts have seen their exercises and yoga poses evolve into something more than just meditative exercise

Many could attest to the mental and physical benefits of yoga. Luckily, some of the benefits include yoga sequence for back pain. 

What Are The Common Causes Of Back Pain?

Back pain can be caused by any number of things or even a combination of various circumstances. Some of the most common reasons for back pain include:

  •  Torn muscles
  •  Bone fracture
  •  Muscle tension
  •  Trapped nerves

The most common of these is muscle tension. When a person is under a lot of stress, the tendency to develop muscle tension is very high. It is the pressure that's put on the muscles due to both physical and psychological challenges. 

When the muscles begin to rest on the joints in a somewhat unnatural manner, a tremendous amount of pressure is put on the spine. This results in extreme discomfort that would later lead to back pain. 

But with the practice of yoga for back and hip pain, you can reduce the tension and hopefully relieve the strain put on the joints and the spine. In addition, yoga serves as a stress reliever because the breathing exercises allow you to deal with stress and fatigue. 

What Yoga Poses Can You Use For Back Pain?

Yoga experts and trainers have come up with a list of yoga poses perfect for targeting your aching back. These are the ones they recommend for those complaining of lower back pains. 

However, they come with precautions. When you engage in yoga poses, make sure to always take deep breaths. This will make sure the proper flow of air in and out of your body. 

Invest in a good kind of yoga mat. They may look the same, but the quality will make all the difference. 

To help alleviate your back pains, here are some poses you can try:

Locust pose

This is the kind of pose that is very easy to do, even a novice like you can do it without help. Lie face down and with your arms hovering above the ground. Then, gradually lift your head while extending the lifting motion to your shoulders and the chest. You can do this by allowing your back muscles to be the focus. Finally, you should be able to lift your legs off the ground, at least by a few inches. Hold the pose for a few minutes before you release it. 

Cat-cow pose

The goal is for you to be able to stretch your torso as well as your shoulders and your neck. Be on all fours with your wrists directly beneath your shoulders. Your knees should also be positioned underneath your hips. 

Make sure that your weight is evenly spread out on all fours. Look up and take deep breaths. Inhale, exhale. Relax your stomach by allowing it to drop towards the yoga mat. The focus of this position is to help you release tension. 

Bridge pose

You can do this pose by lying flat on your back, bringing the knees gradually up until both feet are flat on the ground. With the palms facing down, you can put your hands on the ground and slowly lift your buttocks off the ground. In this pose, your body will look very much like a bridge, thus the name of the pose. Hold it for a half a minute, then slowly get back to your original position. 

Remember that the practice of yoga can come with risks, especially when the poses are done incorrectly. With help and the right methods, you can deal with your back pains through yoga. To avoid further damage to your back, make sure to consult with a yoga expert on what can be done. 

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