Everyday Magical Things ~ Moldavite

Moldavite is one of the rarest materials on earth! This is because it is a naturally occurring glass made by a meteorite impact from central Europe about 14.2 million years ago!

Most scientists agree that Moldavite itself is not a meteorite itself. Their chemical composition fits the sedimentary layers in the mother crater. Despite many who claim it is a meteorite, the data shows that, in fact, it is a product of the fusion of the meteorite with the earth.

Moldavite is thus, the only gem-form of Tektite, although the only translucent green kind you will ever find. Most tektite is dark brown. Because of its origins, though, it has earned the reputation as an “Alien Crystal” in Spiritual and Metaphysical circles all around the world.

In such circles, it is often described as having an enlightening effect on the individual who carries or wears a piece on them. Because of this, it is said to be an excellent stone to meditate with, and that it can assist anyone with opening up their heart and connecting with their purpose in life.

Many people attribute their out of body experiences to the presence of this stone during a meditation.

Moldavite is regarded as a heart, third eye, and crown stone, and even those who are not very sensitive to subtle energies often describe feeling hot flashes or tingling and buzzing in their body when they hold moldavite. Because of its green color, it can easily connect us with the energy of our hearts. It’s perfect for those who feel they might have a closed-off or blocked heart chakra. Use this stone to meditate with and allow it’s intense energies to open you back up!

What do you think? Carry one, and see how it makes you feel!






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