Patch Parables ~ Adventures of the Reluctant Messiah

Once there lived a small village of little creatures, along the bottom of a great crystal river. The current of the water swept over them all, young, old, rich and poor. They all clung to the rocks and shrubs at the bottom of the river, for this was all they knew.

They had all learned from birth that they must cling and hold onto something or else the current would sweep them into an unknown abyss. This resistance was their way of life.

Then one day, one of the creatures became tired of clinging. He said he would die of boredom if he continued to hold on forever. He trusted that he current would take him where he needed to be, even if he couldn’t see it.

The other creatures laughed and called him a fool. They said the waters would kill him much faster than boredom would, but the creature didn’t care. He trusted in the flow of the river.

When he first let go, he was initially thrown around the bottom of the river, hitting rocks and sticks. But as time went on, and he refused to cling no more, the current eventually lifted him up. His bruised body healed, and he was free to explore the waters.

The creatures from down below saw him and cried out to him, calling him a messiah. He told them he was no more of a messiah then any of them were. He told them the waters lift us up and set us free, if only we dare to let go. The creatures still wouldn’t let go, they called him a savior and continued to cling onto what they knew.

They looked up again and the creature they called a messiah was gone, flowing with the waters. The creatures then made legends out of this savior, unknowing that they could do the same.

This parable teaches us that we are the ones who hold ourselves back. We can experience true freedom within ourselves if we are willing to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. When we release old patterns of thought, emotions, and ways of being, we become our own savior and change the course of our life.


Background Music: Caribbean Blue by Enya

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