Career Planning Using Your Zodiac

articles astrology Nov 21, 2020

Do you already have your dream job? While most people think that having a job is all about earning money, career astrology thinks otherwise. When it comes to working, people should look beyond the money-earning aspect of their role. 

Keeping a good job is an integral part of a person’s life. As long as it pays the bills, then you are good to go. However, when you learn about Astro careers, you will realize that getting the right job should be as crucial as getting the job done.

How Do You Choose The Right Job For You?

Since you will be spending most of your adult life doing it, you might find something that you enjoy. What happens if you take on a job that you don’t like? It will be like punishing yourself every single day just to get through it. 

Job astrology will guide you in finding the right job for your sign. The stars do have a lot to say about the job you get for yourself. Here they are in a list:


Courage is one of your strongest suits. You hide your doubts, and that inspires everyone else to be stronger and braver than they have ever been. You would make for a great astronaut, firefighter, if not a police officer. If you are looking at less dangerous jobs, you can be the CEO of your own company or perhaps a manager who motivates her team. 


You live an exciting, often dangerous life. However, you love to get a steady paycheck too. So you could take on a job that’s dependable like something in the engineering or accounting field. You can pursue law as well. Tauruses can be very incredible as homemakers or homesteaders too. You can take on a career in cooking and interior design with equal skill. 


A Gemini may be known to be a great communicator, but that’s not all that you can do. A career in public relations, journalism, or event management. All you need is the constant stimulation of being able to talk to each other. 


You are a nurturer, so it is natural for you to teach and train others to be their best. You can take a job as a teacher or perhaps a healthcare professional. You can be a caregiver or a counselor too.


You are a great leader, and you love the attention you are getting from it too. Politics, real estate, or sales, all these are good industries that would be an excellent use for your innate talents. 


There are more than a handful of professions that demands the meticulous planning of a Virgo. Your detail-oriented nature can be used very well if you become a surgeon, forensic analyst, product tester, or an inspector.


After listening to people and their side of the story, you can still treat them with the same kind of fairness, and that’s a good trait to bring to work. Your sense of integrity and sympathy are best for the jobs of a diplomat, judge, lawyer, or social worker. 


For every Scorpio, getting the job of your dreams is about who you know instead of what you know. You have got it all figured out, that’s why you go out and socialize once the working hours are done. In fact, you make sure that every social activity that you join after work opens doors for opportunities for you.

You like self-promotion. That’s why you will be great as a director, manager, or maybe even a homegrown artist. 


You are naturally a traveler, so you love to wonder and wander around and see the sights. You can satisfy your thirst for travel and still set aside some money on your savings by getting a job that makes you travel a lot. You can be a flight attendant or perhaps start your own blog about traveling. You can be a cruise ship employee or a seafarer, perhaps. In between work shifts, you can go out and see the world. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. 


You are never the type who settles. This is why once you have achieved the goals you have set for yourself in one job, you keep wanting to do more. You are likely to get two jobs. One is the main job that pays the bills. On the other hand, you have the side hustle too. This one is for your savings. 

You like seeing yourself climb the corporate ladder, and there’s nothing bad about that. As long as you are happy doing both, you don’t think about getting tired at all. 


You don’t like being held down doing the same thing over and over again. This is why you should consider being a freelancer. This will allow you to move from one contract to another. Perhaps you can explore a career as a writer or a graphics designer. Any job that does not require you to stay between 9 to 5 is going to be good for you. 


You have always had that artistic side of you, but you just don’t want to be the struggling artist who does not make ends meet. Fear not because there are so many other professionals out there that will make you practice your creativity. 

You can connect with other people and still be able to explore that artistic side. Photojournalism, art direction, or video editing, all these jobs require artistry. You can explore all your artistic passion and still find time to go out with friends. 

What’s Your Takeaway?

There is a clear, astrology career path for you. All you need is to take it. Embrace what it has to offer and become a better person doing it. 

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