Choosing The Right Tarot Deck Based On Your Zodiac Sign

articles astrology Aug 16, 2020

Whenever people express their interest in buying their first deck of tarot cards, the first question is always this: which deck should I choose? 

There are a significant number of tarot cards out there, each style more interesting than the last. It is natural to feel a bit confused in the beginning. With all the exciting choices available, it is pretty standard for people to get confused and perhaps a bit overwhelmed. 

What Makes Every Tarot Deck Unique

Every tarot card deck is different. While there is absolutely no rule as to how you should pick the tarot card to get, the qualities of the cards are very much reflective of your zodiac sign. 

The most important thing to remember when buying a deck for yourself is that it should resonate with you. The more drawn you are to the imagery and information of unique tarot decks, the more likely it is meant for you. 

Trust your intuition and believe in the connection that you are able to build with a specific deck. The deck that you pull out from the stack called you. It comes with meanings that reflect who you are. 

If it is your first time buying a tarot deck card for yourself, it might be best to limit your choices to the ones associated with your zodiac sign. Astrology tarot cards have gained popularity considering how helpful they have been to a lot of people. 

To begin your journey with tarot cards, let your stars help you make the experience possible. 

Which Tarot Card Is Perfect For Your Sign

The universe might be sending a message to you through your deck of cards. You have to make sure that you pick the right zodiac tarot deck. Here are your options:


The Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot is the best pick for an Aries like you. You are a bold initiator of things. That’s why you need an equally good initiator as well. But this deck comes with a bold twist. The Rider Waite Tarot may not be the first deck ever made for an Aries, but it definitely hit the world by storm when it was released. This tarot card set is rooted in the same symbolism and imagery with an extra colorful tarot card flair. It’s perfect for an Aries. 


The Ostara Tarot is quirky and earthy. It is rooted in nature, which makes it very familiar, comforting, and sweet for a Taurus like you. The feminine flair resonates with the Venus-ruled Taurus. It is both fantastic and traditional. The Ostara Tarot may look like it came from something straight out of a fairytale, but it is what every Taurus wants, right? 


The Mystic Mondays Tarot is perfect for the twin loving Gemini. You are always ahead of the game and coming up with the next big idea. Much like your personality, the Mystic Mondays Tarot is colorful, modern, and unafraid to make that bold change happen. You are a trailblazer, and you need a deck that can keep up with your intellectual and entrepreneurial self. Mystic Mondays can give you that and more. 


The Linestrider Tarot is sweet, soft, and magical. It definitely matches your Cancerian spirit. It is a combination of magical watercolor and animal imagery in the deck. It speaks of a nurturing nature of Cancer with a boost of gentle honesty. This unique deck will give you just the right amount of love and light with the heart at the center. 


For the creative and glamorous Leo person like you, the Tarot Mucha is a perfect choice. It comes with a bit of a dramatic flair that is definitely fitting for your personality. It is a combination of the classical and modern design that matches the timeless beauty of any Leo. It comes with a stunning set of gold borders to achieve that royal look. 


Virgo is the practical zodiac sign that deserves the all-natural Herbcrafter’s Tarot. Its depiction and association with the various herbs all over the world come with a transformative practice of tarot reading. It is sweet and simple, yet it is riddled with incomparable knowledge of nature and the world. This is the perfect addition to Virgo’s tarot card collection. 


The Starchild Tarot is a perfect match for Libra’s desire to bring peace and harmony in the world. It manages to strike a balance between the intellectual and the imaginative. The properties of this card perfectly encapsulate the nature of a Libra as you are a “Starchild” yourself. 


The True Black Tarot is an honest and clear-cut card deck perfect for your strong personality as a Scorpio. It comes with edgy and powerful imagery that glimmers in the right places. This deck of cards promises to reveal the depths of your intuition with the touch of intensity that only a true Scorpio could offer.


The Wild Unknown Tarot is the perfect deck of the adventurous yet unpredictable nature of the Sagittarius. The essence of the archer is in the deck itself. It is stunningly beautiful that perfectly embodies the wild nature of the world. It is bold with a hint of mystery. This deck speaks of the fiery and expansive core of every Sagittarius. 


The Wooden Tarot is earthy and unafraid. It is strange and magical, and it’s exactly like a Capricorn. It is perfect in the hands of an independent Capricorn. This deck gives a sneak peek of the surrealist realist that strikes a perfect balance between the practical and the responsible. 


The Cosmos Tarot is perfect for the Aquarius as your beauty is worldly and eccentric. It is unconventional, even in its creation. In fact, it has been in the hands of 100 creative individuals with myths and metaphors for every card. Every reading will feel like a breath of fresh air, giving you a new perspective of what life can offer


The Prisma Visions Tarot deck is magical, fantastical, and mesmerizing. It surely speaks of the soft spirit of the Pisces in you. The deck tells a dreamlike sequence of stories that are purely intuitive in nature. It taps in the more subconscious part of the Pisces life, giving you psychic skills. 

Tarot cards astrology brings a different kind of magical experience. Take your pick and discover what the cards can offer. 

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