Bring Your Personality To The Table!

articles lifestyle Apr 30, 2020

Expressing ourselves as fully as possible is a fundamental reason that we came here to this planet. Our ability to express ourselves comes THROUGH our personality that we have chosen. More fully embracing our character - not hiding it or artificially changing it - releases much-trapped energy within us and allows us to feel more authentic emotions like joy and acceptance.

The problem is, essentially, that we live in a world that - on its surface - does not appear to support authentic expression. This illusion is SO STRONG we reinforce it by rewarding complicit and compliant behavior as well as ignoring or estranging behavior outside of what is considered the mainstream. The systems of business, politics, and governance are set up in this way - contributing to a society that is void of the personality and individual expression relative to its potential.

This is changing, much assisted with the advent of the internet and social media, where people can be rewarded - socially or monetarily - for contributions outside of the norm. This creator economy is allowing the vast majority of people the ability to create and share something of value with many other people. This is happening through the personalities of each person, and each person - as they begin to step more into BEING SEEN - is essentially forced to decide how they would like to be seen, and therefore see themselves. This is the personality, and the more authentic the character is expressed, the more authentic the creation is.

Personalities are not something to "overcome" or be changed based on a situation. You are who you are, and you are who you are for a reason...a reason that you chose. You did not wish to have a personality so that you could mask it or for it to burden you in any way. The character that you chose was selected by you precisely because it supported the mission/purpose of your incarnation. Our attempt to change who we are - or to be who we are socially "supposed to be" is an attempt to override the decisions that you made pre-incarnation.

Our not expressing ourselves fully will be seen as not accepting others because not being who we are is like saying that you do not allow yourself to be free. When we do not free ourselves entirely, we find faults in others. Things "annoy us" about what other people do.

You live in a world where EVERYONE wants you to express who you are more authentically. This is a supportive world that you live in. When you begin to remove the filters that you have placed on your personality, you will automatically begin to attract more support for your more authentic desires.

You expressing yourself contributes to authentic communication and raises the vibration of the earth. Think about the planet as a body. She is not filtering herself so drastically - she is not holding her feelings/emotions within her for another time. When a storm needs to occur, it does. When a volcano needs to erupt, it does. When something wants to be expressed, it is. More so than raising the vibration of the collective human consciousness, your authentic expression more closely resonates with that of the earth, and that brings you and everyone around you into greater alignment with their own core/center.

Although we can see the importance of expressing ourselves THROUGH our personalities, many of us have completely forgotten who we are. We have forgotten what our actual preferences are, and therefore it is not so simple to simply "be yourself" when you have lost touch with that part of yourself. The tool this week is aimed at getting back in touch with your personality and your preferences.

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