Common Mistakes Every Tarot Beginner Makes

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You are excited to get your first deck of tarot cards, and you are starting to learn more about them. But, the more you research, the more you feel overwhelmed and feel that there's just so much to learn. Do not fret because you are not alone in this journey. 

It's easy to find tarot card reading for beginners' resources online or perhaps at your local new age store. While it may be easy to feel exhausted with some of the sources, and trying to sort through conflicting statements, taking advantage of these resources opens up a lot of learning opportunities.

How Do You Become A Tarot Card Reader?

An essential thing that you need to be a tarot card reader is to believe in the energy that comes with each card. Your faith in the cards and your positive attitude towards them will help shape you into the kind of tarot card reader that you want to be. 

Every tarot card reader comes with the energy that they put into the cards. Their interpretation of the message in every card depends a lot on how they view the world. The positive attitude you bring in every card reading will open doors of positive energy towards you and the person you are reading. 

Did you know that daily love tarot reading can be a good practice too? Not only does it enhance the reader's abilities, but it also allows the power of love to be in control of the positive things waiting to unfold. 

If you are wondering how to become a tarot reader, you must first trust the cards and the message that the Universe wants to send. Only then will you be able to harness the energy that comes with each reading. 

What Are Common Mistakes Every Beginner Makes?

Mistake 1: Not being "Good Enough" to do readings yet

While it is true that it takes a long while to memorize all the details to achieve a thorough understanding of the meaning of each one, there is no truth to the concept of being "done" in learning how to read the cards. 

While the symbolism, history, and traditional interpretations are the baseline knowledge for doing card readings, learning always continues. You only become good enough for it when you practice. 

In the early stages of your reading tarot, it may seem as if your interpretations are a bit wrong, but remember that one fact remains the same: no matter how experienced you may be in tarot card reading, some of your interpretations may prove to be wrong. After all, no one can honestly see what the future holds. 

But then again, do not make this stop you from reading tarot cards. Go ahead and get yourself going. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. When others criticize you, always take them constructively. They will help you become better. 

Mistake 2: Believing that traditional tarot card reading is always right 

From the choosing of the right tarot card set to the proper way of reading tarot cards, tradition has its way of establishing a norm. But this does not mean that your practice of tarot card reading should always be based on what traditions say.

You should be cautious about moving away from traditions and traversing new grounds in tarot card reading as there is some good in them, but you don't have to become stagnant. The truth is you can always start a new tradition of your own. For example, if you wish to keep your tarot cards wrapped in beautiful silk, go ahead and do so. 

Whatever you do to help enhance your journey in tarot card reading is always a welcome change. As long as it helps boost your confidence in reading cards, you should give it a try. After all, the journey with tarot card reading is always something personal. 

Whether you choose to adhere to myths and traditions is all up to you. As long as you find comfort in it, then you should never feel limited by anything. 

Mistake 3: Thinking that you are asking the wrong questions

What does it mean to ask the right question? Experts say that it should be in-depth and thought-provoking, yet, they also say that it has to be specific. 

If you always feel like the questions you are asking are wrong, you will keep hitting roadblocks along the way. These may lead to confusion. 

Instead, dare to ask the questions that you want to ask. With constant practice, you will feel empowered and level-headed enough to ask questions that will trigger the right answers. 

Are some of your questions misleading? They can be when you don't trust your instincts.

Remember that the goal of asking questions in a tarot card reading is to get useful and downright helpful answers. 

How do you ask the right questions then? Understanding how to ask the right questions is as important as understanding how much the cards can tell you. The way to do this is to listen to your intuition. Make sure the question is specific but open. For example, "What do I need to learn today?", or "I'm in this situation, how do I deal with it?" You're specific in asking what you need to learn on a particular day or talking about a specific situation while still keeping the interpretation open. Ask, and you will get answers. 

What's The Future For Your Card Reading?

How long will it take you to become an expert in tarot card reading? How often do you need to practice? Like any other divination tool, practice is the key to gaining insight into the experience. 

Spiritual tarot cards have a life of their own. They have their way of sending the message from the Universe. 

While it is common for first-time tarot card readers to make mistakes, it is always an opportunity to learn something new. With much practice comes great wisdom. Just continue to do readings for meanings and practice. 

Your hard work will be significantly rewarded. In the end, you might be able to develop your voice and see new things from a perspective unique on its own. 

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