Demystifying Tantra: The Secrets of Sacred Sexuality

You know what… I’m gonna say it.

Humanity seems to have this weird social taboo around it… 

Let’s talk about sex…

If you mention it in public, people giggle and get uncomfortable… Even couples have a hard time broaching the subject sometimes...

But we’re tired of it… and the truth is Sex is a natural part of being human and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

In fact, if you know how to use it properly… it can be a powerful tool for enlightenment and freedom…

Tell me if you’ve heard this before…

“Oh Tantra is just all about sex”

Well… that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While ritual sex sometimes plays a minor role… its place in Tantra’s history is pretty small.

Eastern Philosophies see Tantra as a paranormal experience that can grant Siddhis… supernatural and paranormal powers.

But the West just sees it as the science of the sex drive…

If you’ve heard about Tantra’s temptation of enlightenment but always thought it was some weird sex cult… you’re not alone

The truth is, there are a LOT of misunderstandings about Tantra in the West…

Mostly because of Colonial oppression, bad translations… and… well… the fact that most people were too stoned in the 60s to actually understand it properly.

Things are changing though…

As more people are reading the Tantras… the real meaning of this path is getting clearer.

And with it… the power and freedom it brings!

So today, we’re throwing the bedroom door open on Tantra…

We’re gonna demystify the practice and tell you what it's REALLY about...

And…how you can use it to silence your own ego and shatter society’s conditioning and hold over you…

Tune in today and learn:

  • The Secret History of Tantra
  • The practices that kept Indian kings and sages fighting over them for centuries
  • How Tantra was reborn and gave birth to the Groovy 60s

Do you know what the word Tantra actually means?

‘Tan’ is “to expand” and ‘tra’ is “beyond limits”

So… are you ready to expand beyond your own limitations? 

And just in case you thought we were only covering the theory… we also have something special for you…

We’ve written a modern rework of a Tantric Meditation found in the Yogini Hridaya Tantra that guides you through internalising the Tantric Devis in your root, heart and Anja chakras so that you can get some real, practical experience with what we’re talking about to today!

Check it out and raise Shakti yourself here, completely free.


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