Getting Started On Spiritual Coloring

Have you heard of spiritual colors? While spirituality is often associated with everything white and light, there are so many other colors that speak of healing and spirituality just waiting to be discovered. 

When was the last time you took out some crayons or pencils and just sat there and colored? Perhaps you can no longer remember because it was back when you were in elementary school.

Perhaps you had different characters printed on the page, and you had a whole set of crayons beside you. Your eagerness to fill the page with color was just there. And when you started, you felt calm and content. 

It was not a perfect sheet after, but it was not what you were truly after. Rather, it is about the process. It was the act of using the crayons and making beautiful things about it that made the activity worthwhile. 

If you felt like this when you were a kid, can you imagine transforming those crayons into healing colors? You might just have found an effective way to make your life a whole lot better. 

Discovering That Coloring Is More Than Just Art

People tend to think that coloring is an activity simply for kids and that it's child's play and nothing more. But there is so much more about coloring that is waiting to be discovered. It is more than just making art. 

Mandala meditation is a practice of spiritual coloring. It requires people to spend their meditative time coloring or drawing a mandala. The process makes people see the world in different colors, thus allowing them to let the light through. 

There was a time in history when people thought that engaging in art is something they could do for healing. More than the entertainment that it provided them, people focused on how art allowed them to face their fears and find peace from within. 

There was something more to doing art than the practical purpose associated with it. Women embroidered clothes to make them even more beautiful. Children painted on walls to express themselves. 

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves through art, and coloring is one of the most popular. Coloring has always had healing properties. The time that people spend coloring is the time they spend with themselves.

It helps them establish a communication line between you and yourself. It allows you to have a bit more time to get to know what you are thinking and perhaps learn more about how you feel inside.

The bold colors that you chose reveal how hurt or angry you are inside. The pastel colors that fill the page gives everyone else the idea that you are feeling alright. 

Coloring is a way of healing. It makes you realize that taking some time off your busy schedule to give recreation for yourself only strengthens your capacity to do things. When you are recharged, you can practically do anything. 

Facts About Adult Coloring You Must Know

There's healing mandalas, coloring pages, sketchbooks; you name it. Whatever you choose to do, you will find enough healing through art that you can finally deal with reality. What else do you need to know about adult coloring that will convince you to do it? Here are some amazing things that will encourage you to give it a try. 

Fact 1: Adult coloring started just when people needed help

Adults have their way of coping with stress. Some people turn to alcohol and drink their hearts out. Some turn to retail therapy and rack up credit debt. 

And just when people thought there was nothing more they could do to find happiness, they discovered adult coloring. Not only does it serve as a healthy stress reducer, but it also provides them with an avenue to express their creativity.

And just like that, everyone wanted to color. Adult coloring suddenly became popular. While others may have thought of it as just a fad, it offered so much more that people knew it was going to stay.

Fact 2: Adult coloring comes with healing properties

Coloring, studies show, is no longer just an activity for children or an idle pass time. It comes with healing qualities that allow people to get over their trauma and finally find healing. Therapists have known of it for a while, but it's a specialized practice that not everyone can deliver. The value of the therapy is not standard practice for everyone; that's why its offering was limited to a certain group.

But when coloring became mainstream, it opened the doors for art therapy to become more popular to the public. Studies were carried out about how patients with serious illnesses can gain benefits from coloring. And the best part is that it showed wonderful results.

Adult coloring was found to reduce stress levels in adults, raise mindfulness, increase concentration, and help the brain pay more attention to positive things. 

With mindfulness, people are able to deal with what they feel at the moment. Their thoughts about what they are going through allow them to see things from a different perspective. There are no worries about the future, and that makes a whole lot of difference. 

What's Your Takeaway?

Should you get started on spiritual coloring? There's no doubt that you should. It's an art therapy. It is about finding healing in doing the simplest of things. It will bring back good memories of your childhood, and that could make you feel better. 

Spiritual coloring is a kind of release. It makes you realize that you could use a little help and that art may be the answer to all your worries. 

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