How Birth Chart Reading Works

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Have you had a birth chart analysis done? Perhaps you have heard of birth charts, but never really gave it serious thought. You thought that knowing your birth sign was more than enough until you discovered there was more to learn. 

Astrology by date of birth is what people turn to when trying to understand their personality and that of other people around them. When it comes to decision making, people seem to trust the stars more than anything to guide them on the right path. 

How do you make use of your zodiac sign? Have you ever asked the stars for guidance?

What Makes Birth Chart Reading Interesting?

The astrology birth chart, also known as the natal astrology chart, maps out the planets' position as they journey around the Sun. The reading is done from the vantage point on Earth at the specific time of your birth. 

A reading of your astrology chart can help reveal your strengths as well as your weaknesses. It also aims to provide you with a path of opportunities for your soul to grow, determining the best time to make an important move. 

To do all these, you need information as to the time, date, and place of your birth. If you are not sure of the exact time, you may opt to put 12nn instead. 

Why Is A Chart Reading Necessary?

There are two best times when people should opt for chart reading. These types of readings should be done at the beginning of every year or on your birthday. Both readings prove helpful in determining what else can be done to improve your life and overall well-being

First, people believe that understanding the birth chart helps them accept why things happen to them and how their birth affects everyone else around them.  

Second, people think that when the reading is done at the beginning of the year, it will serve as a guide. Decision making won't be as challenging because they already have a road map. A transit chart is used to do a reading of the birth chart at the beginning of the year. 

On both occasions, the natal chart's reading should be done with the guidance of a professional astrologer. The interpretation may require expertise as the message could be more complex.  

The reading of your natal chart will begin on the date and time of your birth. Then, it will be compared to the transiting planets. The moving positions of the planets in the sky will reveal so much more about what's in store for you. 

These transit charts are considered to be very helpful, especially in making plans for the future. For example, you can consult the transit chart for plans you intend to pursue in the future. For example, "What would be the best time to start a new business?" or "Is it a good time to get married?" All these questions will find their answers in the interpretation of your birth chart. More importantly, you will learn more about the choices you need to make and how it will affect your other plans. 

What Does An Astrologer Look For In Your Birth Chart?

If you want to find answers, they say you need to find your birth chart. It is the chart that enables you to look into the future and what it has planned for you. 

The interpretation that they make of your birth chart comes in relation to all the positions of the planets as they move around the Sun. 

In particular, here are some of the facts that expert astrologers use whenever they look at your birth chart. 

Zodiac sign

They will look for the 12 zodiac signs and the planets that they are housed in. Knowledge of your zodiac sign plays a huge role in interpreting the kind of personality and character that you have in relation to the decisions that you might make in the future.

Venus, Mars, and the Moon

They will also consider the zodiac sign that houses these particular terrestrial objects. These are considered the house of love, so astrologers must understand where love stands in your life today and in the future. 

Saturn and Jupiter

Saturn's position in relation to your birth date and time is important as it determines the amount of hard work you should exert. It houses how much effort you should put in everything you do to achieve your desired success.

Jupiter, on the other hand, determines how lucky you can be. It speaks of the luck that you are about to get in this lifetime. 

The position of the planets

Did you know that the angle of the planets as they move around the Sun along with your birth date and time says a lot about how life would be like for you? Whether you will struggle or will have it easy, the planets will speak of it, and the astrologer will interpret it for you. 

What Do You Get Out Of Reading Your Birth Chart?

The decision to read your birth chart at the beginning of the year or on your birthday reveals a lot about how you trust your existence concerning all the other elements in the world. 

When you realize that your birth is always about the right timing, then you know that your luck and hard work combined should do you well. It should bring you closer to the desires of your heart

And yet, when you do a reading of your birth chart, you get a glimpse of what could happen. It could teach you how you could make things happen. It could open up doors for opportunities when you want them to. 

More importantly, it will instill in you the value of working alongside everyone else, recognizing how their very existence affects who you are. 

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