How To Perfectly Set Your Meditation Altar

What kind of meditation space have you set up for yourself? Your spiritual altar influences the power not only in your meditative practice but also in the energy that you release to the world. Your space has to be able to resonate with you and the energy you give out. 

Everything around you has energy. From the meditation table to all the items you put in your sacred altar, they all come with energy that you can use. Whether you are aware of it or not, the energy around you impacts your life in so many ways. 

What Is A Sacred Space?

A sacred space is more than just the meditation altar table that you put in the corner of the room. It is a journey that you take to bring your meditative practice to a whole new level. 

The sacred space is where you feel the most comfortable, welcomed, and supported in your meditation journey. It is the space that makes you feel the most love in the world, no matter how negative your circumstance may be. 

As the experts say, if you would like to establish a healthy spiritual practice, you have to create that unique space. The best way to start is to put together an altar. Building your altar seems easy, but it is something you have to work on carefully. 

You are free to put anything you wish to put in it. But if you don't know where you start, make sure to consult the experts to understand what you need. 

Tips To Put Together Your Meditative Altar

It does not matter what particular type of meditative practice or principle you follow. Your style of spirituality is your own. However, creating an altar will provide a powerful focal point for your energy. 

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Tip 1: Choose a space where it feels right

Whether it is a whole room or just that tiny space on the corner of your home, it is best to determine where you want to practice meditation daily. Not everyone has the luxury of a large area, and that's okay.

It does not matter how small or big your meditative space is. For as long as space serves its purpose in inspiring you to practice every day, that's just perfect. Give yourself some space where you are given privacy to be with yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions.

Whenever you are choosing the right space, ask yourself this: Does this space feel right? 

The ideal space in your house is the space where you can be far away from everyone. A tiny altar can come in the size of a dinner plate. Sometimes, people choose to put their altar in a bottle. Whatever you do, as long as you feel the most comfortable, then that's the perfect space for you. 

Tip 2: Cleanse the space

Apart from finding the right space for your practice, you need to make sure that you work on cleansing it too. For thousands of years, this cleansing ritual is done by shamans. But why do you need to cleanse your space?

The cleansing process targets the energetic debris that could hinder you from truly achieving the meditative state that you want for yourself. Allow yourself to begin the cleansing process by expressing your intent. 

In your mind, you must be clear of this desire to cleanse the space, so your body has the energy to carry out the process. An energetically clean area should make you feel light, bright, and friendly. 

To energetically clear space, you could use various things and approaches. Some prefer sound, while others choose the scent. Then, there is light, while others work on visualization. Even the simple dusting or sweeping the room allows you to clean its energy. 

Tip 3: Gather objects that mean a lot to you 

When it comes to putting objects in your altar, there is no right or wrong move. This is the practice that's very personal. This means that you simply have to follow your heart.

However, as a general guide, it is best to include these things in your altar:

  • Objects that represent your spirit guide
  • Objects that represent the primary revered spiritual teacher
  • Objects that reflect the yin/yang energy of the earth
  • Objects that depict the things that you truly want to embody
  • Objects that represent the little child in you
  • Objects that represent the cycle of life
  • Objects that help amplify the positive energy of a space
  • Objects that are inspiring, helpful, and powerful

Specifically, you might want to consider the following objects to put in your altar:

  • Candles
  • Written notes
  • Stones
  • Crystals
  • Decorative stand
  • Rosary beads
  • Water
  • Flower petals
  • Photos
  • Tarot cards

In truth, you can include anything you wish to put in your altar. Make sure that you design the altar based on how you want it to look and now how you envisioned it would be. 

What Does It Mean To Have Meditative Space?

Your chosen space where you meditate can support you or empower your meditative practice, or it could undermine all the positivity that you have from within and drain the life out of you. This is how important it is that you set up your meditation altar.

If the place's energy provides positive support towards the sacredness of the meditative practice, it would be easier for that person to fill the room with so much desire to achieve sanctity. 

When you put value in your meditation space, you are putting more value into your practice. This is why it is crucial to choose the right meditative space to help you create an environment filled with positive support for your practice. 

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