If You Spend Money Well, Can It Buy Happiness?

Does money bring happiness? You hear people say over and over again that money can't buy you happiness. In truth, many wealthy people dealing with alcoholism, addiction, and depression could tell you that this is true. 

You may have experienced it yourself when you received the last bonus, but it didn't make you happy at all. True happiness, after all, is not something that money can buy. Splurging on a new cell phone or buying yourself a car would make you happy for a moment, and then the feeling fades away. 

But what if someone tells you that your perception of money and what it can buy is obsolete? What if someone can show you the right way of spending money so that it can buy you your happiness? 

Can Money Make Me Happy?

Before you give up on the thought of money as a source of your happiness or pleasure, you should be aware of the various research that shows how much money can buy people their joy. 

Money can buy you happiness, for as long as you know the right way to spend it. But there's a catch. Money can buy you happiness, but it is something that does not involve any form of a wise investment

Can money bring happiness? It can if you make any of these truths:

You spend it to buy yourself some extra time

It is not surprising that a lot of people put more value on time than money. They are the ones who are happier knowing that they've got so much time in their hands to do what they want to do. 

If you are one of those who believe in this ancient tradition of buying yourself some time, go ahead and hire that lawnmower or gardener. Make sure the housekeeper comes in to do the cleaning. Call your assistant to make sure everything has been taken care of. 

Perhaps you can splurge on getting that grocery delivery service. When you do, the likelihood of you being happy is going to be high. You will be satisfied because you spent your money on services and people so that you can buy yourself some time to do what you want.

Time is of the essence, and it is a must that you know how much more valuable it is than any amount of money. 

You spend it on a great experience

People tend to assume that they are better off spending their money on things that will grow in value over time while spending money to have fun is always something that takes the back seat. 

For example, if you buy a smartphone that costs $500, then you will have that smartphone tomorrow and the next day, and perhaps for a few years. However, if you spend the same amount to watch your favorite band, you won't have anything with you the next day. It will feel like you just burned money for nothing.

This is where people are wrong. When they spend their money on things, the intense reaction they have in the beginning will slowly fade away. The beginning always brings joy, but when they get used to having it, they will no longer see how precious it is.

On the other hand, spending your money on the concert will give you an experience of a lifetime. It will be in your memory forever. Every time you look back and think about that experience, it will make you feel the joy you felt when you were at that concert that night. 

Experiences may not last longer than the expensive things that you buy, but the pleasure that they bring definitely lasts for good. 

You spend it on someone you value

The art of happiness does not revolve around you or how you feel. In truth, you feel a different kind of joy whenever you make other people happy. Humans, by nature, are social beings. There is evidence that shows that people who feel like they are a part of a community live longer, healthier lives

Social psychologists believe that if your happiness is shared with someone you care about, you are likely to feel happier. So if you decide to get those concert tickets, make sure to include one or two more, so you could bring a friend along with you. 

If you decide to buy that phone, maybe you can invite a friend or someone really close to you to go on that shopping date with you. Then, it won't be about buying material stuff, but it would be about the experience of spending time with someone you care about. 

What Can Make People Truly Happy?

Money, they say, is much more fun to spend when you worked hard to earn it. When you spend it on yourself, and it makes you happy, go ahead and splurge on the things or the experience that will bring you true joy.

The same goes if you find joy in spending your money to make others happy, then go ahead and spend time with them. Maybe you can buy them something they need or something they like. 

Happiness, no matter what you choose to spend your money on, will always depend on what you think. Happiness is a choice, and if you want to be happy, then the world will let you be. 

Wealth may not bring happiness in a sense, but worrying about the bills and the excessive debt you've incurred won't make you feel great either. Remember that happiness is not dependent on money. It depends a lot on how you choose to live your life. 

Before you assume that you have more than enough money to spend on leisure, make sure that all your financial responsibilities are taken care of. Spend within your means, and don't push those boundaries too far.

Whether or not money makes you happy, you have to make sure that the lack of it won't make you miserable.

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