Money as Energy: Abundance Magick with Frater Taliesin

The relationship we have with money is spotty. We have loved it and hated it; protected it and squandered it. We have believed money to be the root of all evil. Yet, we have said it to be good when we have it in abundance. The back and forth relationship we have with money is tumultuous at best, and why would it not be so? Besides health, happiness, and loving relationships, many individuals would say they desire to have more money...or better yet, financial freedom. In fact, it has been argued that money is the key factor in attaining a healthy lifestyle, a loving relationship, and overall happiness and life satisfaction. So which one is it? Is money evil or good? The answer is neither.

Money is first and foremost a neutral energy based on the frequency that we are emitting into the universe. If our relationship or awareness of money centers around scarcity we will only be aware of its nature in this regard. But what happens when we shift that perception to one of unlimited abundance?

Money Magnifies

Before we dive into debating that point, allow me to turn the statement on its head with an insightful quote. Jonathan Robinson in Real Wealth: A Spiritual Approach to Money and Work said, "Money is simply a magnifier of you and what you find truly meaningful." Wow! Can we think about that statement for a moment? How does your use of money speak to your personal character and values? Does what you spend your money on reflect on who you are at your core? How do your purchase make you feel? Be honest in this questioning process!

If your immediate response is not positive, please respond to yourself with compassion and understanding. It is not meant to be a punch to the gut! For the majority of us raised in a capitalistic society, we are raised--practically programmed--to indulge our indulgences. We are quick to buy that fatty meal from a fast-food drive-thru, pick up a case of beer from the gas station on the way home, or snag the newest shoes, phone, or car from the local shop so we can keep up with the Joneses. Our subconscious self-identity and value system is structured around fads, status, and other societal constructs that are perpetuated by our culture. We are a biopsychosocial species, and this response is natural. In many ways, though, I would argue that it does not reflect the principles of your True Self. But that is a conversation for another time.

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No Quick Fixes

The fact is that the majority of people live like robots. They do the same thing year in and year out without making any significant changes. They frequently struggle to improve their financial situation. 

The issue is that we attach ourselves to money. We believe that it can fulfill our fantasies, soothe our pain, or make our wildest dreams come true. On one hand, we are responding to our programming and throwing our money at poor investments (alcohol, drugs, shiny new toys). Then, on the other hand, we are chasing bandaids to fix the financial hole in which we have pitted ourselves. I know too often people are gambling $500 on this false promise or tossing $1000 at this new business idea. They hope that it will quickly rocket them out of the dire situation that they are living. People are not trying to "get rich quick," so to speak, as much as they are trying to rebalance their life. If you were to think of money as energy, however, you would recognize that this is rare, if not impossible, to fix financial problems.

Suze Orman writes in The Courage to Be Rich that “What’s keeping you from being rich? In most cases, it is simply a lack of belief…"you must believe that you can do it, and you must take the actions necessary to achieve your goal.” That sounds nice in theory. In truth, I have met few who understand what they are trying to achieve, let alone what actions to take. The root of this issue lies in the belief that money is tied to your work or even to this physical plane. In reality, a place seldom visited anymore, money is tied to your alignment with your spiritual purpose. Sure you still have to operate in the world and provide a valuable service or product to someone, but this becomes a lot easier to manifest if you are living in alignment.

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Money and Spirituality

If money is a reflection of who we are, we must first analyze ourselves to find the answers to these questions. Of course, there are behavioral steps you can take to start on the right path: 1) Keep a budget, 2) Log expenditures and cut out what you don't need, and 3) Pay yourself monthly and set it aside in a savings account. The real work, though, comes from working on yourself spiritually. Learning how to amplify values that will lead you to abundance and success. 

In Mindlessness and Money: The Buddhist Path of Abundance, Kulananda and Dominic Houlder suggests

Five steps to abundance:

  • 1: Cultivate loving-kindness in how we create and spend money in our lives.
  • 2: Develop generosity in giving and receiving.
  • 3: Cultivate contentment with what you have and how you spend it.
  • 4: Be honest. Do not lie, exaggerate, or minimize just to get what you want.
  • 5: Be more aware: Refrain from intoxication and cultivate mindfulness.

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Money is Energy

Think of money as an energy to be attracted. If you want it to stay magnetized in your life, you must do the work to cultivate space for it. How you internalize and externalize your thoughts and emotions will reflect on the wellness of your spirit. Spirit will determine when you are permitted to have abundance and keep it!

I have pursued many careers and opportunities in my life, recognizing the ups and downs of the money cycle. Once laboring through the spiritual journey, your life's work will be realized and this will create opportunities for wealth. You may be surprised at what you are truly meant to be doing; it could be leaps and bounds away from your current job or passion. Nevertheless, abundance comes from strengthening your character, recognizing your purpose, and having a willingness to unravel any misconceptions that were passed down to you about money. I want to leave you with a simple idea: Money will never make you financially free; only you can make yourself financially free.

A simple Money Magick Spell

  • Grab yourself a sheet of paper
  • Formulate an intention/affirmation/thought about attracting money into your life and write it down
  • Be specific, the universe doesn't have any problem filling in the blanks, but it may not be what you want.
  • Example: I live in constant abundance and remove all obstacles that prevent me from accessing wealth.
  • Remove all of the repeating letters, leaving only one. ILENCOSTABUDRMVPFGYVWH
  • Make a mantra out of the letters. Example: Ilenco Stav Budr Mvpf Yhw (Yes it is gibberish, but that isn't the point. Funny how YHWH showed up here in this experiment!)
  • Arrange the letters within the confines of a circle drawn on a page. Like the figure above. Be creative and make it your own.
  • Sit down with the image in front of you and burn the image into your mind before closing your eyes.
  • Chant/Recite the Mantra out loud repeatedly, quickening the pace with each iteration until you feel it is done.
  • Take the image and burn, bury, or stash it somewhere out of sight.
  • Give thanks and say that it is done.

Money doesn't have to be anything more than an energy that you tap into. Remember that you are always in control of what energy comes and what energy goes.

Frater Taliesin

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