Must-Follow Steps To Finally Open Your Chakras

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Have you been feeling off lately? Your goal is to thrive no matter what challenges may come your way, but life has become much more complicated. You're far from the optimal level of positivity that you want in your life. 

Whether you are dealing with physical health concerns or emotional issues, chances are that your spiritual chakras are closed or under-stimulated. They may be blocked by all the negative emotions and thoughts that you have. 

When these chakras are blocked, the positive energy is not flowing correctly, thus creating difficulties. But do not fret just yet. With powerful techniques, you can work on opening chakras to help you find a balance. With practice, you may even learn how to open all chakras.

Not only will you regain vitality, peace, clarity, and good health, but you will be back to enjoying positive energy and happiness. 

What Are Your Chakras?

The chakras refer to the center points in your body where energy naturally flows through. When any of your chakras are blocked, it creates a kind of imbalance. This lack of free-flowing energy in your system could lead to various issues, including issues that concern your physical, emotional, and health well-being.

Root chakra

The root chakra in your body is located at the tailbone of your spine. 

It is the part of you that represents the feeling of grounding, including issues that concern your survival, like food or money. 

Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is the one found at your lower abdomen. 

It is connected to your ability to welcome new experiences and the people around you. It speaks of your sexuality, pleasure, as well as the feeling of abundance in all aspects of your life. 

Solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the one located at the upper abdomen. 

This is the one in charge of your self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall concept of self-worth. 

Heart chakra

The heart chakra is located at the center of your chest.

 It represents the inner joy and peace in your life. It speaks of your ability to express love. 

Throat chakra

Your throat chakra is the one found in your throat region.

 It speaks of your ability to communicate and express yourself. More importantly, it controls your ability to express your thoughts and emotions clearly. 

Third eye chakra

Your third eye is located on your forehead right in between your eyes. 

It represents your ability to see the bigger picture, make decisions based on your observations, and simply focus your energies on the more critical aspects of life. 

Crown chakra

The crown chakra is the highest form of charka in the body. 

It is found at the very top of your head. It represents your ability to find the connection spiritually to achieve a state of pure bliss

How Do You Open Your Chakras?

If you want to achieve inner balance, peace, happiness, and good health, you must try these techniques to enjoy the benefits of open and balanced chakras fully. Learning how to open all your chakras is giving yourself the gift of free-flowing energy. It is the kind of energy that you need to help you achieve overall wellness in its best form. 

Mindfulness meditation

Meditation is a potent tool to help you connect with your spirit. It is best if you want to seek a higher form of guidance. It is a great way to be mindful of the present, and release all the negative energy that may be trapped inside you. A chakra meditation will allow you to keep an open mind and an open heart that will eventually put your chakras in balance. There is no specific kind of meditation needed to open the chakras. However, you may want to choose a guided meditation to begin. They are best in keeping the chakras activated and gives you something to focus on as you sit still. 

Yoga practice

Yoga is one of the best ways to be mindful of your body's needs. It helps open up the mind and the body to allow the energy to flow freely and keep the right balance for the chakras. Different yoga poses come with various benefits. There are popular ones, like the warrior asanas, that could help you achieve a more relaxed state. For example, the camel pose can help you activate the throat and the heart chakras at the same time. Regular yoga practice can bring wonders to the balance of your mind, body, and soul. Though it may not be as popular, yoga is one effective weight loss management technique. Qigong and Tai Chi come with similar benefits too. They practice opening the chakras while keeping a balance in your energy. 

Affirmation mantra

Affirmations and mantras can open you up to unconditional love. You can use mantras during meditation to put you in the position of receiving and giving compassion. You also have the option to use it throughout the day, repeating them to yourself silently or out loud. Choosing the right mantra depends on your daily intentions. Mantras are like positive affirmations you tell yourself to give it the boost that it needs. You can repeat those affirmations out loud or keep them in your mind. You can also write them down if that helps. Or you have the option to use a combination of all these techniques. These are all powerful ways to help open the chakras. 

Once you confirm your intent to open your chakras, the next thing to do is to take conscious deep breaths. Every time you inhale, you are directing the flow of energy to your chakras. Every exhale you make also allows the energy to stay in the chakras to keep them open. Proper breathing is all about taking deep breaths. Not only does it help open the chakras, but it brings harmonious balance back to your mind, body, and soul. 

Which method will best work for you? No one method will work for everyone, but you could always give each one a try. The goal is to be able to open all the chakras and allow the positive energy to flow all over the body. 

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