Overcoming Your Fear Of Aliens

Written by Rachel Farabaugh

When it comes to talking about aliens, most people have an immediate reaction to the subject, and it's rarely warm and fuzzy. If you're like most people, your only experience with aliens comes from watching movies and television, and that programming is filled with scenes of abduction, horror, suspense, and feelings of being powerless in the presence of a UFO. 

How many of you reading this have a fear of aliens? I find this to be a fascinating subject because I once had a fear of aliens too. I didn't want to look at them, talk about them, or even think about them. When I thought of them, I only saw grey aliens' faces and had flashbacks to scary scenes in Unsolved Mysteries episodes from my childhood. 

That all changed about four years ago when I moved to Sedona, Arizona. I was participating in an Alpha brainwave training at an institute called Biocybernaut. During the seven days of training, your brain is hooked up to biofeedback technology that lets you hear the sound of your brainwaves as you meditate and create Alpha waves. They say it is the equivalent of forty years of Zen meditation in only seven days.

The main point of the training was forgiveness work. We spent each day thinking of situations and people from our past that caused us pain, and then we forgave them. By doing this, the heart becomes lighter, and the brain responds by creating more joyful Alpha waves. Day after day of only focusing on forgiveness really changes your heart and mind. 

Needless to say, the training was incredibly powerful. By day five, I dropped judgment of myself. That was when I had my transcendental moment. I watched my thoughts instantly shift from negative memories to positive memories regarding a particular situation I had been holding onto. I suddenly had the realization that reality is not real, and it can switch in an instant. Then I had the realization that time is not real either. 

At that moment, I left my body, and time stood still. I felt nothing and everything all at once. It was the most serene and peaceful feeling I've ever felt, and words cannot do it justice. When I came back to my body, I was different, and my reality had shifted. I could no longer continue my forgiveness work because there was nothing left to forgive. I felt no wrongdoings or any lingering, painful emotions. I could not judge others, having dropped the ability to judge myself. 

I went home that night and decided that I would spend the next two days focusing on fear. I was excited to come back the next day and think of everything I was afraid of and face it. I slept peacefully that night and woke up on day six, ready to move forward. 

On my way to training, I had a sudden thought flash into my head of aliens. "Oh yeah! I'm afraid of aliens," I remembered. That would be perfect. I went into the training and started with very mundane 3D fears and worked through those one at a time. Then about midway through the day, I thought of aliens and was NOT prepared for what was about to happen.

Literally, at the exact second I thought of aliens, the face of one appeared floating right in front of me as I was meditating with my eyes closed. I was surprised as I recognized it as the alien form of the human doctor facilitating the training. I was supposed to follow it, so I did. That's when I was suddenly brought to a ship with a boomerang-shaped table and a council meeting of aliens. 

My mind could barely comprehend the sight of the different races of ET's sitting in front of me. I had previously only known the vision of greys, so these were unfamiliar to me. But the most shocking part was the feeling of LOVE and calmness radiating through the ETs and through myself as well. 

There was literally NO fear. I felt an immediate sense of calm and safety in their presence. The beings in front of me were so beautiful that my eyes became distracted as I gazed at their blue feathers and incredible birdlike features. They were communicating telepathically with me as the others sat silently by their sides. 

There were many messages they shared with me that day, but the one that I'd like to share with you is this: 

We are all beings of light. 

What you might consider a guardian angel or alien are the same things. They are light beings, and so are we. They are our guides and allies. Our galactic brothers and sisters. And from that point forward, I stopped calling them aliens and started calling them ETs or extraterrestrials as "alien" no longer felt appropriate.

Some beings are more advanced technologically or emotionally, while others are not as evolved in certain aspects. The most important thing to remember is that we all follow the Universe's same laws, and that includes the Law of Free Will. This is why they are not allowed to interfere with human affairs but frequently watch. They wait to assist us, but only when it is asked for and requested of them.

As humans, we give our power away too easily. It is time to wake up and remember who we truly are. We are powerful, emotionally evolved beings. Do not forget this when encountering other races of extraterrestrials. And do not forget that the most potent force of all is Love. 

If you stay in the vibration of Love, you will attract the extraterrestrial beings who exist in that same frequency. Understanding this will help you to shift out of fear. Once you're ready and in the right heart space, simply close your eyes, meditate and ask which beings of light wish to make contact with you. Then sit quietly and prepare for your entire reality to shift.

About the author: Rachel Farabaugh
Artist & Creator of Inspirational Tarot

Rachel Farabaugh is an artist and owner of Bohemian Dreamer studio in Sedona, Arizona. She paints spirit animals, reads Tarot, offers magic wand making classes, and does Theta healing sessions with clients. To learn more visit her website at or Instagram: bohemian.dreamer

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