How Would You Respond If There Was Alien Disclosure?

articles conspiracy Sep 11, 2020

The question posed in the title of this piece has three primary elements, which I will address. The three components are as follows:

  1. Disclosure
  2. "Aliens"
  3. Collective Human Consciousness

Each element will blend and build onto each other. Hopefully, you'll be able to see and understand the wondrous and interesting possibilities of connecting with and recognizing the influence of "alien" disclosure. 


What do I mean by "disclosure?" 

Disclosure—or the process of experiencing disclosure—is definitionally a profoundly personal journey. For something to be "revealed," one must be in a place of receptivity and in a place of relative ignorance. Thus, there are multiple levels of disclosure as it relates to these topics that are worthy of consideration: both from the collective and individual perspectives.

On one level, disclosure is the idea that all major public, private, cultural, historical, and societal institutions, traditions, norms, and societal beliefs have all been orchestrated by a central governing authority that is represented by a minutely small percentage of the human population. In general, this small population's existence and position are not accepted by the majority. It is the idea that these individuals have in some way controlled and/or significantly influenced nearly all religious, economic, commercial, governmental, political, health, and medical infrastructures for a very, very long time, and that these individuals have particular agendas that are not necessarily in alignment with the most authentic collective and individual expression of free will.

On another level, disclosure is the asking of the question, "Who am I?" For both the individual and the collective, the process of self-discovery is the same. One must see ALL of oneself in order to know ALL of oneself. As we move more directly into a unified consciousness through disclosure, the collective reflects to the individual, and the individual reflects on the collective. Asking this question forces one to answer another, "Am I the creator of the reality that I am experiencing, or am I a victim of it?" The answer to THIS question fundamentally defines the perspective, and ultimately, moves an individual into one dimension of comprehension or another. To own all that you experience — to choose the perspective that all that is within your awareness is your creation, without exception — can feel a bit like a messy process, both for the individual and the collective.

Seeing what is seen through the process of disclosure is seeing who you are, but not necessarily who you would choose to be. When something is hidden from your view in your subconscious, you are unable to interact with it tangibly. Once something is brought out of your psyche—through your expanded awareness—you are able to interact with it and make informed choices that might produce outcomes that look different than the ones produced by the work of your subconscious. On this level, disclosure is simply the idea that there are some perceivably big things in the collective subconscious that are being brought out to look at, no matter what emotional reaction is brought about.

On yet another level, disclosure is a process that is quite literally heavenly and divine. Inevitably as one starts the process of rabbit hole-ing and rock-overturning in the pursuit of knowledge, one will start to look towards the heavens and start to see the vastness of the Universe of our perceivable reality, and beyond. On this level, disclosure is a bountiful and welcomed occasion. Such anticipation for the waking up period abounds in the cosmos. Just as you experience the idea of having slept long enough and having the feeling of the compulsion to get out of bed, so too does the collective human consciousness desire to arise from its slumber and stretch its arms far beyond the limits of space and time as we currently know them in our sleep state. What joy awaits a being who realized that she is no longer burdened by the self-imposed unconsciousness that sleep requires.

Just like the striking of the clock on the hour, time moves, and the alarm sounds. As does the evolution of consciousness.

Disclosure, elementally, is about the revelation of "truth" within one's self, or within one's experience. The discussion of the disclosure is a holographic one. If you perceive there to be an element of something needing to be disclosed from a collective perspective, you are perceiving a part of you that is desiring disclosure within yourself; all experiences are reflective in nature. For those that are moving more fully into integrating many of these above-mentioned ideas into their own personal "truth," there is less resistance within them to allowing the seeding of "new" perspectives within others to happen through them.

Truth is not universal. Truth is subjective. It is the balance of what someone is willing to accept as "real" relative to their beliefs and belief systems that they have installed in their operating structure. Therefore, the process of disclosure is experienced individually, or more accurately, through an individual unit of consciousness' perspective.

Truth is not stationary. Truth evolves. Much of what was true for you as a child is not true for you now. However, the truth of a subject now has absolutely no impact on the truth of a subject for the version of you that was your child self. Both are equally valid, just as your truth on a subject now has absolutely no impact on the validity of someone else's truth.

As I also process all of the multitudes of rabbit holes relating to the subject of disclosure, these ideas have been some of the most helpful for me in integrating concepts that began as ideas that were contradictory to my then-accepted belief system.


Keeping in mind the ideas presented above (all disclosure is really self-disclosure), we move into the next part of our discussion. Aliens.

I, along with millions of other humans, have learned (remembered) the process of channeling, whereby, in a meditative state, I move my identity from the lower vibrational resonance of me (the small me, the ego) into the higher vibrational resonance of me (my higher self, my expanded self). In this identity, I then connect to "other energies" and—through the process of channeling—facilitate this energy along with my own back through my mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. This results in me sitting down and typically speaking out the words that best represent the mental imagery and emotional feelings that the lower part of me perceives.

Through this process of channeling (which basically any person can do, given their belief system supports it), one can "be disclosed" on the subject of extraterrestrial entities. This is experiential evidence, so it's not the same to explain it as "proof" of anything.

In my opinion, when the discussion of extraterrestrial disclosure is missing the recognition of the dimensional nature at play, it is incomplete. The dimension of existence wherein higher-density life forms exist has a different physics model than the one wherein our own attentive awareness resides. The elements that make up all dimensions, though, are at the base level the same consciousness. What we call the electron is the thing that we "see," through quantum mechanics, represents the best measurable understanding of these dimensional elements at play.

The electron's spin rate and spin angle determine (from the human perspective) the physicality of a dimension. When an electron speeds up or changes its spin angle, it shifts is perspective. Moving from one dimension to another is simply that: a change in perspective.

So, with this new perspective, extraterrestrials do exist, and many are open for communication with any and all individuals who seek to connect with them. If you would like to connect with one, a good first step would be to identify within yourself your "why." Are you trying to prove something to yourself? Or does it just seem really fun and exciting? Are you trying to overcome a fear?

Because of the dimensional realities, certain ideas do not resonate. If I hold on to a deep fear that I have about myself and about the separation I have with my experience, my connection to my higher self is not as strong. This connection is the entire foundation for any communication or vision of any kind.

When you are connecting with "another being," that is not really what it feels like or is experienced, at least not for me. When I am aligned with my higher self, everything that flows through my channel IS me, just another version of me. This is a very common description from most anyone who does this, and of course, it aligns with all scientific and spiritual notions of connectedness or oneness.

Just like people, extraterrestrials are represented by lots of different races, intentions, agendas, perspectives, levels of intelligence, etc. They all "feel" different, and either as a channel or as someone who is trying to discern what is true for them as it relates to this subject, this is an important point to consider.

This is the experiential element that I'm sharing. A more non-experiential element would simply be to rabbit-hole your way—using your intuition and curiosity—into the multitudes of books, blogs, and videos discussing the matter of extraterrestrials. I find it helpful to recommend that people watch other people's YouTube channels, read other people's books about the subject, and then discern whether they believe it. This is an awesome place to begin because it really brings up the parts of our belief systems that do not resonate with the idea that they could be real.

When something comes up, it's easy to decide for yourself. Just look at the belief and ask yourself whether or not it is a belief that you would prefer to subscribe to. If it is, keep it. If it is not, drop it, and replace it with the belief that more aligns with how you perceive yourself to be more authentically.

Collective Human Consciousness

Finally, let's address the Collective Human Consciousness. A collective of anything denotes that it is the sum or combination of other, smaller or other sub-unit things, within it. These more minor things collectively come together in some way to be represented as a collective. The collective IS MADE UP OF individual parts. There is nothing else that makes up a collective other than the individual parts of it.

Consciousness can be conceptualized to be the base element of who you are: your identity. It includes your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, passions, experiences, bodies, traumas, memories, etc. There is nothing that exists anywhere that is not consciousness; everything in its most fundamental form is consciousness. In addition, consciousness operates in and through dimensions that are both within our conscious experience and outside of it.

Humans, here, are represented as one species of life on one planet, Earth. Each human has (is) consciousness with a unique make-up. Foundationally, all consciousness is the same, but the expression of that one thing appears different in every iteration or unfolding. So, humans "are" all different, yet all the same, and all connected. The human body can be thought of as a vehicle for consciousness to be localized in order to experience that dimensional reality.

All of these human consciousnesses on Earth put together is the Collective Human Consciousness. Each individual consciousness has a "vote" in the collective human consciousness. Each individual casts this vote more or less firmly based upon their attention and intention that they place within their connection to their most expanded (or most foundational) identity.

The notion of disclosure, again, is both individual and collective. Our "collective," though, can be conceptualized to be one thing, one living, breathing entity, of which you and I are both, individually, a part.  

As the individual opens and awakens to higher consciousness, so too does the collective (i.e., everybody else), as we are all connected as subunits of the greater organism.

So, a discussion around how would respond to disclosure is relative to the greater me. And, just as within myself, the greater me is evolving VERY quickly. We are moving into a place of realizing out ignorance, demanding the truth, and therefore being receptive to new explanations for the world around us.

Circling Back

Now back to the question posed at the beginning of the article.

How would you respond if there was alien disclosure?


In my reality, "disclosure of extraterrestrials" has already begun and is happening right now. So, I have had a multitude of different responses ranging from entertained, disbelieving, sarcasm, terror, hope, and bliss.

  • When I watched Independence Day as a teenager, I was entertained.
  • When I first heard an acquaintance say that he "believed in aliens," I was judgmental.
  • When I stayed up late for two weeks straight and watched home-made videos of people filming "alien ships," I was skeptical.
  • When I read and listened to testimonials of people that claimed to be "abducted by aliens," I was confused.
  • When I viewed my first documentary on extraterrestrial life, I was shocked.
  • When I read content that seemed to balance a rational and intuitive point of view on this subject, I was curious.
  • When I learned new information regarding "secret" governmental programs relating to this subject, I was shocked.
  • When I listened to first-hand testimonials from individuals that had worked in programs that engaged in otherworldly technology and with ETs, I was compelled.
  • When I attracted people into my life that were equally curious and equally sane, I was legitimized.
  • When I learned to transform my meditation techniques into channeling and empathic interfacing skills, I was empowered.
  • When I could consistently maintain these states of consciousness and glean meaningful life insights by appearing to do nothing but close my eyes and breath, I was humbled.
  • When I encountered my first psychic attack within my mind, I was startled.
  • When I developed these practices, then attracted people into my life that were also doing these things and building relationships with extra-dimensional beings, I was safe.
  • When I held the hand of an extra-dimensional "hybrid" being, I was electrified.
  • When I was able to autonomously connect the dots of various disclosure topics within the mass media productions to what was true for me, I was balanced.

Each and every one of these things WAS DISCLOSURE, a gradual revealing of deeper truths. Again, not universal truths, but individual journeys for me to take and say, "Who am I?" 

I encourage you to take your own individual journeys, whether it be with aliens or conspiracies or whatever to find out who you are and who or what you are connected to.

Written by Ben Burke, a member of Team Spirit

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