An I AM Meditation For Your (HIGHER) Self

articles meditation Sep 10, 2020


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You are in control.

You are creating the life that you believe that you are living in.

Who are you projecting yourself to me?

How are you projecting yourself to be?

How much more fundamental can you become?  Your true-er self.  Your self that is closer to the source of you.

How much more subtleness of your self can you experience?

Let us put out in front of ourselves, through ourselves, the idea of light-speed learning, light-speed healing, and light-speed realizations of the self.  For you have just transcended your physical senses and experience what some call “extra-sensory” perceptions.  These senses are not “extra.”  They are simply closer to source, and from the perspective of our rather limited awareness that we have chosen to experience, they seem “new,”  but, as we now know, the sense of remembering and the sense of learning something new or similar.

You create the reality that you experience based on your perceptions and what you believe to be true.  If you believe that, you only have 5 senses.

Now, we are here today because, as we zoom out of our individual consciousness into the collective, we have all agreed to create this reality.  The ideas, the thought-forms, the emotions, the feelings, the interactions, the technology, all of the manifestations.  We all agreed that this was “real.”  We agreed, and we are agreeing right now to accept this reality as real, because we are experiencing it. 

We are now at a moment within the story that we are telling ourselves...within the idea of this story that we are telling ourselves... where, collectively, we are making a choice about what reality we perceive to be true.  Where we give our energy, our intention, collectively.  If we trace back each and every decision to a more fundamental version of the expression, each and every idea, thought, emotion, feeling, or action, it is said that it can be generally understood as either love or fear.  This can also be stated as love of others, or love of self.  Or Love of all, and love of self.  Or, it can be understood as the idea heaven or hell.  As oneness, or of duality.  Or, finally, what I prefer, unity or separation.

If you understand / believe / intend unity to be true, then you will experience a reality in which it is.  If you understand / believe / intend separation to be true, then you will experience a reality in which it is.  This is simply a choice.  This is a choice of how you identify.

This is a space for, in the most direct way that we, collectively, can create, directly identifying, through understanding and integration, with Unity Consciousness.  So long as you are striving towards the embodiment of this knowledge, it matters not how you choose to manifest yourself.  You can project yourself to be a teacher, an entrepreneur, a gardener, a writer, etc.  If you are in alignment with a more divine perception, and if you are in alignment with your greatest passion, and if you realize your individualized purpose, you will create heaven on earth.

Passion + Purpose + Perception = Progress

If there was a moment where you had the idea of “disagreeing” with any information that was put out today, why you gave yourself the experience of disagreement could be a fantastic meditation.

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