The Hidden Spirituality of Lucy

 How does one describe Lucy? 

What begins as a story of a woman with an average quite human consciousness and a short-lived boyfriend with a pretty sweet hat, very quickly transforms into a film about ascension.

So, as always - spoiler alert. Now let’s get into it! 

The idea of Lucy is the rapid escalation from a low level of consciousness. It progressively moves into trying to describe what might happen if someone was to experience transcendent superconsciousness and unlocking new powers that come with it. It is a commentary both on theoretical human evolution and psychedelics very much psychedelics, LSD, to be specific. In a way, the whole movie seems to be based around it, allow me to explain. 

In the opening narrative, we see cell mitosis, followed by a shot of Lucy - the 3.2 million-year-old first “early human,” Australopithecus, before quickly cutting to Lucy - the 25-year-old woman studying in Taipei. 

Before we even go further - it should be known that the ancient Lucy, the 3.2 million-year-old early human, was named Lucy BECAUSE the person who discovered it was listening to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles - when the discovery was made. This song today is notoriously known as a reference to LSD, and the synthetic psychedelic is often known for lifting one's consciousness to a more transcendent state of being, giving those who experience it clear visions, more in-depth insight, and stimulating notions of spiritual expansion within. 

The entire film speaks about an idea of human evolution, very much in a similar line of thinking as 2001 - A Space Odyssey, but done in a very different way, with Lucy actively going through quantum leaps in the evolutionary process. 

But now, we see more in-depth references to LSD by the fact that the entire story here is about this synthetic drug that is facilitating this evolution to happen. All of the wisdom that she uncovers throughout this process on her way to becoming a superbeing - in a sense planting seeds in the human imagination about what’s truly possible.

This is a bit of personal conjecture here. Still, my overall experience with this film was that it seems like the natural outcome of what would happen if a filmmaker were to have an LSD experience, and then a conversation about humans overclocking the capacity of the brain. Throw in some theoretical quantum physics and a nebulous lousy guy to give us some action scenes, and badabing - Lucy. 

Now, in the film - our modern-day Lucy has just the worst kind of luck, forced by her boyfriend to deliver a mysterious case to a South Korean drug lord. We’re shown these scenes as it’s happening - cuts to a cheetah hunting and catching a gazelle in the wild. The initial thing this is describing is the animalistic nature of the predatory bad guys, and this is further elaborated on later by Morgan Freeman, giving a lecture about creatures and their capacity to use their brains. He describes that animals use 3-5%, the reference to the cheetahs and the gazelle - with humans using about 10%, and dolphins using the most with 20%. He speculates on human evolution, and what paranormal or seemingly superpowers might occur using more and more brain capacity. 

Speaking to this brain capacity thing, if you look it up, the general scientific consensus nowadays around the internet is that humans use almost all of their brains and that the 10% thing is entirely a myth. There’s a whole wiki on the history of the idea that - summarized, essentially says, “this myth is busted.” No matter how much brain capacity you utilize, you won’t be able to change the look and length of your hair on command. 

However, we can go more in-depth here. Google, how much of our DNA is Junk DNA will reveal that the answer is 90%, meaning that only 10% of our DNA is truly utilized or active. Now I understand that brain capacity and DNA activation are two different things. Still, we can see the relationship here that the idea of us only using 10% of our latent capacity is not about using portions of the brain, but depth within the mind and body through our DNA itself, and transforming us into greater, wiser, and more connected beings than ever before. 

So Lucy, having been newly adopted to a drug lords extended family, has a bag of the blue stuff surgically embedded in her belly, and is sent off to smuggle it through an airport to some other place. Along her way, a vulgar man with a low state of consciousness kicks her while she’s down, which releases said blue stuff into her body. It turns out the blue material is a potent drug called CPH4, which is a molecule that pregnant women produce in small quantities in facilitating child growth. In this initial surge of CPH4, we see it trigger a wild experience, temporarily negating gravity. There are stories and legends of wise spiritual masters doing things that would seem impossible, from Jesus walking on water to the yogi’s who could levitate, and perhaps these kinds of abilities could be available to anyone who had reached a certain level of human evolution, tapping into all of that stored up limitless energy inside. 

Throughout her adventure, Lucy - continually leveling up every 10 minutes or so and unlocking new achievements and upgrades, finds herself explaining these very fundamental concepts from a transcendent state of mind, inviting us to connect with her awareness as she describes it to us, and accelerating our spiritual evolution while we watch. Now, to try and break down every scene would be a bit much here, so here’s a highlight reel of all of the things Lucy experiences, which sound very much like things you might hear either from quantum physicists, spiritual masters, or people who just came down from an LSD trip. 

With Lucy activated, the very first thing that we see is that she becomes suddenly very clear. She enters into a meditative calm, despite her circumstance, and acts and behaves with a deeper knowing, tremendous confidence to handle whatever she needs to, including breaking free of captivity. 

She can now suddenly hear and understand what is going on all around her to a tremendous depth. She says that she hears everything - the air, space, the vibrations, people, the gravity, the rotation of the earth, the blood in her veins, she can feel her brain, the deepest parts of her memories. She handles everything because with more mental capacity, comes more ability to feel.

She also is soon able to see the energy of things, like trees and her friend's body - and is now motivated to obtain the other blue bags, which we learn she needs to crack open her cells, revealing the limitless energy within each neutron. When she arrives at the Drug Lords place, after killing his men and stabbing his hands, she takes a moment to reflect and ponder some pretty deep stuff.

She says, “I used to be so concerned about who I was and what I wanted to be, but what makes us is primitive. They’re all obstacles. This pain you’re experiencing is blocking you from understanding…” a fantastic lesson for us all - that when we are struggling, when we are in pain, we limit ourselves from expansion in the higher centers. 

And then She leaves him alive. I can’t help but think this is the film's way to appease the general human consciousness, by moving the villain alive we could have some more action scenes and drama throughout the movie, by having him come back and bring a bazooka to a university. Wait. What?! Why? 

Anyway - soon after, she levels up again and unlocks the ability to telepath onto Morgan Freemans TV and manipulate various frequencies like affect radios and appear on his smartphone screen. She says that all of the things that make us human are fading away, she doesn’t feel pain, fear, desire, things that make us human. As these all fade away, the workings of the universe become available to her, deep intrinsic understandings of the fabric of reality. 

Here she is undergoing a rapid state of ego-death, her consciousness is colonizing her brain, activating it, and leading her towards her death very quickly. She asks him for advice, and he reflects that in his awareness, the ability to pass on information of what one has learned is one of the highest purposes of all of life, and encourages her to do so. She says she’ll be at his place in about half a day, and they part ways.

Now there’s this exciting scene in the airplane where Lucy, on her way to see Morgan Freeman, has this experience of tasting some champagne and let me tell you, her ascending body cannot hold it’s liquor, because within minutes she is exploding into particles of light in the bathroom this scene doesn’t offer us an explanation as to why it’s there. I think it’s because it’s necessarily a scene of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds of light. 

A bunch of action scenes later, we arrive at Morgan Freeman's place, and she continues to blow minds with theoretical quantum physics and describes that time is the only unit of measure, for time legitimizes anything's existence. Without time we don’t exist because we become one with everything. 

Professor Freeman expresses his concern that humanity is not ready for this knowledge, it could bring chaos, and Lucy responds with a solid truth bomb - “Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge.” 

From here, Lucy ramps up to 100% and hit maximum limit break overdrive. She takes all of the CPH4, and her body transforms into… like, Venom? It might be a bit more like a matrix reference. The black body form she takes is similar to the sentinels in the matrix, and what’s more, very soon, she blasts away all of reality for herself and the doctors, and they enter into the matrix loading zone. 

One recurring line of dialogue throughout the film is that the nucleus of every cell has limitless untapped potential and power and that in this ascension process, she has to crack open every last one to attain the transcendence that she is steering towards. Eventually, in this process, she starts warping all over the place, through time, space, watching human evolution transpire in specific ways. It’s interesting that as she is blasting through new york, nobody even takes notice of her as she goes backward and forwards until she goes back far enough and sees some native Americans, who all look at her puzzled. This might be a subtle commentary about how humans today are notoriously distracted and do not pay attention to what’s going on as much as they could. Lucy then meets the first Lucy, and when they touch - future, Lucy goes back to the beginning of time and blinks out of existence. 

The film ends with her texting her police-buddy that she is everywhere, permanently transitioned into an omnipresent consciousness that exists beyond time and space, and telling the audience. Life was given to us a billion years ago, and now you know what to do with it. 

The key to this movie, I feel, is to watch it while playing with ideas in your mind of what human evolution could genuinely look like. Could it be possible to transcend time and space, and step into alternate realities with heightened abilities, just as so many ancient spiritualities describe we can? For most people, this movie is “just a movie, don’t read into it”... but who knows, maybe anything is possible! Lucy is telling us that we now know what to do with the life that was given to us strive to evolve to the highest potential of our existence. I mean, that seems like a pretty noble thing to strive for, which is why we recently launched the Seven-Day Transformation, a unique week-long intensive to support you in completely transforming your life! Click the link here or in the author's comments, and I’ll take you there right now. 

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