Life Advice You Can Share TODAY With Younger Friends

If you could give your younger self advice on how to survive life, what would it be? Like everyone else who has grown up and matured, there must be a thing or two you want to tell your younger self. If you only knew about it when you were younger, perhaps your life would have turned out differently. 

As they say, the best advice for life is what you can give yourself based on what you learned. But then again, you can move forward with life and achieve most of your life’s goals when you get and utilize the advice from your elders. Their success stories will definitely teach you what to do and what not to do. 

A Lesson About Life

The best advice for teens is this: keep an open heart and teach yourself to listen. These are the two best combinations for a great life. An open heart will help you accept the challenge of living a good life. It doesn’t have to be a perfect one, but it has to be a life that teaches you happiness and gratitude. Your open heart will lead you to keep an open mind, as well. This is a good combination of learning as it puts you in a position to absorb all the lessons that you need to survive life. 

Listening is one of the essential tools for learning. When you listen, whether to heed on advice or to gain knowledge, you are learning how to be better. It doesn’t take much to listen. Do it with all your heart, mind, and soul. 

When you have an open heart and listen, you will be one step closer to your goals. Focus on developing the right attitude to lead you on how you can turn your work into realized dreams. 

Learning never stops. The moment it does, life has ended. 

Successful people are those who have been through a lot. They became successful because they opened themselves up to learning. If you think they don’t know what you are going through, you better think again. 

The difference between you and them is this: their commitment to reach their goals. There is so much to learn about the life, and the best way to learn is to observe how they go about what they do. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or take on a different path. Learn from where they are now. Soon, you will be treading your own way to success. 

A Life’s Worth Of Wisdom

What’s the best advice to youth? Here are some life lessons of wisdom from people who have been through a lot and will go through more to achieve their goals. 

Be passionate about what you do

Always choose to do something you love. If you are doing something you are not passionate about, you will never achieve success. But if you love what you do, success will naturally be on your way. A lot of other beautiful things could happen to you too. 

The first thing you need to do is to identify what it is you are passionate about. It is quite common for highly successful people to tell you not to aim for money. When you put hard work and focus on learning to be better, the money will just come. It takes great determination to keep yourself going, especially when things get rough. 

Whenever it feels like none of your plans are going right, continue to do what you do. With the love you put in everything that you do, your success story will slowly unfold right before your eyes. 

Be compassionate, especially to yourself

An essential aspect of your being is learning how to show compassion to others and to yourself. It is inevitable for you or for others to commit mistakes. As long as you live your life, you will make mistakes, and you have to be prepared to forgive. You have to be able to tell yourself that you would have done better if you have known better. 

It is quite easy to blame yourself when things do not go as planned. But then again, you also have to tell yourself that those mistakes taught you something. You learned something by not doing it right the first time. Instead of trying to be so hard on yourself for committing the error, look at it as a learning opportunity. There’s always a learning curve ahead, so forgive yourself again and again. From there, you will learn a whole lot. 

Be open to failing

A piece of valuable advice from someone who has failed a few times but never stopped is this: keep yourself open to failing, but prepare yourself for success. The beginning is always the hardest. It imposes a lot of challenges. And because you are trying something you’ve never done before, you can only expect setbacks to happen. There will be days when things won’t go your way, and that’s okay. 

You will be offered limited opportunities, and you have to know when you are really ready to grab. Every opportunity for growth presents itself in a different way. Some of them come in the form of success stories, while others are narratives for failure. When you look a bit closer, you will see how failing can become a springboard to success. 

You’ll never know when success will come. You have to be prepared for it. 

It is quite impossible for any successful person to not go through defeat. For sure, they have failed at something, and that’s not the point. The focus is on the fact that they tried. They grabbed the opportunity to try something with high hopes that it will turn out well. 

You should keep that in mind. Trying is the first success you should celebrate. Trying again is the next big one. When you finally succeed, you can tell your story to someone else too.

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