The Five Forms Of Spiritual Ascension

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Have you ever heard the phrase spiritual ascension? While it may be self-explanatory, spiritual ascension refers to a person’s journey towards a higher realm of the spirit. What is ascension? It is achieved when a person can submit himself to training to be wise

What does it mean to be wise? It means that you can see beyond what the world gives. Your understanding of life goes beyond what everyone else comprehends. Through different ways, a person can be trained to take on a spiritual journey. Human ascension is the beginning of a person’s journey to a fuller life. 

Can Everyone Achieve Spiritual Ascension?

While it may sound simple, the journey to spiritual ascension is not for everyone. The level of wisdom required of a person varies, and the meaning is different from one person to another. What does it mean when people talk about wisdom?

Is it not the ability to choose between right and wrong? Is it not deciding to determine what is suitable for everyone else, even if it means making a sacrifice at your end? The interpretation of what wisdom means genuinely varies from one person to another. And that is what is beautiful about the concept surrounding wisdom. Every individual experiences it differently, and their explanations are all still valid.

Simply put, achieving spiritual ascension is about giving up yourself for the greater good and realizing that higher plane means seeing things beyond your needs. The focus is not the self anymore, but that of others. It is about being selfless and accepting that whatever you own is not yours alone. The life of spiritual ascension is all about being there for others and choosing to understand others in the best way possible. 

Does spiritual ascension mean embracing everything that life has to offer? It does. It also means lifting everything to the heavens, knowing that your human self is no longer in control of your body. Your mind is always open to everything that the universe gives. 

What Does It Mean To Go Through Spiritual Ascension?

One of the ascension benefits is knowing that you can be more than you thought you could be. It is relearning who you are and discover how you can be so much more. 

Spiritual ascension comes in many forms. It can happen to different aspects of your being. Here are the five points you need to understand to gain a better understanding of what it means and how you can better achieve your spiritual rebirth. Each of these points comes with a unique definition to help you understand spiritual ascension even more. Don’t be surprised if you start to yearn for it.

Type 1: Awakening of the human mind

The awakening of the human mind is the most evident of the five types. When a person suddenly experiences something he cannot explain, the experience gives him a better understanding of life. He starts to see things in a different light. An awakened mind helps a person do well in this lifetime. This kind of awakening is tough to believe in because human doubt will always be present. However, it is one that will surely last for a lifetime. 

Type 2: Awakening to reveal a new personality

This awakening is considered a continuation of the revival that happens to the human mind. Once the mind is completely awakened, the person begins to see things exactly how a wise man would. His thought process will be different. It will be more broad and all-encompassing. Eventually, this change of perspective will bring about a new personality. From the limited thoughts and understanding that he used to have, he will be more open to learning and more knowledgable to an extent. Once a person goes through this awakening of the personality, they tend to make life-changing decisions that will bring everyone good.

Type 3: Awakening of spiritual energy

Spiritual energy is one of the most potent kinds of transformation. Yoga and meditation can help a person achieve this kind of awakening. This type is accompanied by an excess amount of energy in the body. The person is likely to experience changes in their sexual libido, agility, and their capacity to understand. People often experience a renewed relationship with God. 

Type 4: Awakening of the human soul

The awakening of the human soul can either be long or sudden. The sudden ones are usually brought about by external forces that push people to look into themselves. Sometimes, the effect can be short too, but there are times when they could stay long for a long time. Whether it is sudden or a long type of awakening, a person undergoing this change usually realizes their self-worth. Eventually, they feel limitless, and they begin to understand their real purpose in this lifetime. They start to adapt to this new nature, and their goal is to achieve what rightfully belongs to them. 

Type 5: Total enlightenment

The state of enlightenment is one of the most coveted as not everyone is able to achieve this kind of awakening. At this point, a person stops thinking about themselves and begins to focus on what is for the good of everyone. People spend years studying how this state of mind can be achieved. It is a strong kind of awakening wherein a person experiences the extremes. The person learns to let go of the negative and focuses more on love, awareness, and positivity. 

Spiritual ascension is also referred to as the rebirth of one’s human life. It is like getting a reboot; only this time, it comes with an upgrade. It is like getting a new chance at life, only this time, you know better, and you have life experiences you can glean from. You know what will truly make you happy, and so you work hard towards that. You know what could hurt you, so you move away from that. 

And because not everyone can achieve this kind of wisdom, very few people can see things through. 

Everyone has the strength to do it, but not everyone takes on the opportunity. 

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