Spirit Science 11_11 ~ Dna Activation

In this episode, we explore DNA Activation and the amazing shift we are undergoing as a collective consciousness. Our DNA is changing constantly, it is something that is happening actively, not passively. In another way of looking at it, it means you must participate in your own ascension – it won’t just happen to you, but through you!

If you are simply waiting for a large shift to happen within you, without doing anything to raise your awareness, the jump in consciousness isn’t going to very profound.

If we continue to eat unhealthy foods, absorb low-vibing-TV and take actions out of anger and fear, the process of our DNA shifting will take much longer. We need to treat our bodies with the utmost respect, for even in many scriptures it describes “Your body is a sacred temple”.

The double helix is only the very surface of our DNA sequence. Modern science is only beginning to scratch the surface of how intricate our DNA really is, and goes much deeper than two strands.

Like all of these videos, there have been many awakenings in the consciousness of humanity since these originally were created. Many people and scientists are more aware of the intricacy and implications of our evolving DNA strands. An example of this is in our understanding of what is traditionally called “Junk”, which is not junk per se, but rather, very important DNA that simply is not fully used or activated. Because of the shifting of consciousness, however, our DNA is starting to activate once again on a much deeper level.

Patchman describes that if we can begin living from the heart, from a place of emotional stability and love, we can begin to truly awaken our light bodies once again. We can reconnect to higher frequencies of our inner being.

It’s very important to face your inner blockages during this time to deeply integrate all aspects of ourselves. Delving into whatever spirituality you are called to practice, such as sacred geometry, the four elements, tarot, and meditation can greatly accelerate your consciousness.



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