Spirit Science 29 - The Higher Chakras

This episode continues the saga of exploring our chakras as we move into our higher chakras, being our Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. There are different systems that have many more chakras included, but we’ll just stick to the system of 7 for now.

When we are focused on our lower chakras, like our root, the lens of focus is very narrow. The wavelength of light is very thin and solely focused on something like survival. The higher we go in the chakra system, the more open the wavelength of light gets for each chakra.

In the higher chakras, your expanding vision is very wide. Your telepathic and mental ability is much more open. Patchman creates an example of hanging out with your friends near a campfire in the forest.

As you talk and listen with one another, your primary chakra being used is the throat. All of a sudden, a huge bear storms into the scene. Immediately, everyone shifts into their root chakra and acts from it, seeking safety and going into survival mode.

If we were able to stay in our higher chakras, say for example the heart, we could simply nod to the bear and continue on, understanding the connection between us and it. We are only able to stay in these higher centers once we have properly opened and grounded all aspects of the lower centers. Even if we are having an experience with our higher chakras being open, we can still return to our lower centers if we have not properly created the foundation and strength in each of those lower chakras.

Once we ground this experience even higher, up into our crown chakra, an entirely new reality opens us. We would be able to openly interact with the bear as a shared understanding that we are all fundamentally one would be known.

We can use our chakras in examples like this which help tangibly use them in everyday life. They aren’t some abstract concept or merely energetic points on our body. They are a representation of the level of awareness we embody, and how we use that awareness in our life.

When faced with a problem, if we immediately get upset and stressed about it, we are being reminded of our need to ground our lower chakras. If we take the time to look at the bigger picture and perhaps meditate on issues within our life, we will strengthen ourselves back into our higher chakras.

Take the time to practice observing your current state in your daily life to see which issues are concerning you and which center they might relate to. Then sending a calming breath to that area to create balance in practical and tangible ways. You’ll be surprised at how you can apply pretty much any concept to the chakra system and use to it raise your consciousness!



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