Happiness is a State of Mind

Are you feeling low, depressed, or generally sad? Do you feel like no matter what you do or achieve, you are unable to feel joy? You are not alone. It is the desire to be happy that makes everyone one and the same. However, this common goal puts everyone in a tricky situation. How does one define happiness? For some, they find it in things and moments that satisfy them temporarily. For others, they see happiness as the bi-product of living a meaningful life. 

Though most people think that happiness is a feeling of joy, in theory, this may be true. But in truth, happiness is a state of mind. It is a state of being that gives every person the ability to take in what life has given them. It is to see things from a perspective where everything that happens benefits you in one way or another. 

Understanding the Art of Being Happy

What is the art of happiness? Unfortunately, no manual or book will teach a person how to be happy. There is no step by step guide to lead people to the ultimate happiness. How then do you learn how to live a happy life

The first thing that you must understand about the idea of happiness is that it varies from one person to another. The situations that people find themselves in teaches them the value of true happiness. 

Here are some facts about the art that surrounds the idea of happiness:

  • Happiness cannot be determined by what is happening around the world. Instead, it is defined by what is happening inside of you.
  • Happiness is not something that you get from other people. It is something that should come from inside you. 
  • Happiness can come from the feelings you express towards other people.
  • True happiness may not be about who you keep around you, but they significantly affect how you feel inside. If you surround yourself with negative people, you only end up unhappy and dissatisfied. So why would you choose negative people in your life? You don’t. Don’t be afraid to cut them off. You don’t deserve such negativity in your life. 

Another important lesson to teach oneself about happiness is this -- accept people for who they are. You have expectations of how others would be, but you cannot ask people to change for you. Instead, let them be who they are and accept them as they are. The problem with expectations is that they usually come with disappointments. Don’t allow yourself to dwell in that disappointment. Maybe what you need right now is acceptance. That’s where happiness truly begins. 

Happiness Vs Joy: What’s The Difference?

You’ve often wondered what joy vs happiness is. Perhaps you haven’t even thought that there was a difference. Both of them refer to an emotion where people feel glee. They are both a state of being where one is free from worries of the future. But when can one say that they feel joy or that they feel happiness?

In truth, nobody can really distinguish one from the other. However, people define joy as something that comes from an outside source, usually other people. 

On the other hand, happiness comes from within. Although it can be affected by the actions of the people around you, the majority of it comes from inside you. Only you can truly make yourself happy. Your source of happiness may seem to be another person, thing, activity, or moment, but it all comes back to you and how to react.

A person’s source of happiness is themselves. There is no other way to achieve satisfaction than to recognize that it must come from you. There is no need to worry about what’s going to happen next. What’s important at this point is that you know that in time, you will get where you ought to be. 

How Can You Truly Achieve Happiness?

Is there a happiness formula? How many times have you asked yourself this question? Everyone wonders how they could make themselves happy without making it look like they’re trying too hard. 

There is no secret potion for happiness that works well for everyone. But there are a few things that people can do to achieve happiness. 

Accept that you won’t be happy all the time

As much as we would always like to be happy, we cannot. But we can learn to accept that even when we find ourselves in a difficult situation, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. When it comes to your personal happiness, you are in control. As long as you believe that the bad times will pass and that all will be well, you will eventually find happiness in every situation. 

Foster gratitude

Make sure to generate genuine meaning into your life by always feeling grateful for everything that is happening. Whether it is what you expect or not, remember that things in life happen for a reason. Always look for the silver lining in all your life’s circumstances. When you feel blessed each day, there is nothing that could make you feel like it’s not going right. You have the people you love beside you and the opportunities to make yourself grow. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for, and you’ll see that the essential element in life is having a sincere heart. 

Instead of trying to make others happy, focus on making yourself happy

You can’t pour water from an empty bucket. Make that shift, and remember to put yourself first. Go for that massage you’ve always wanted or perhaps enjoy a nice warm bath before going to bed tonight. Maybe you could also finish that movie you’ve started a week back or possibly go for a beauty session in the salon near you. 

Whatever you choose to do, always choose to make yourself happy. When you are happy, you don’t feel burdened to make others feel happy too. In fact, you’ll be more able to help others once you’ve helped yourself. 

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